Texas Tech at the Big 12 Media Days

We’ve got you covered as Texas Tech heads into the Big 12 Media Days today as well as ten thoughts on the newly released depth chart.

Texas Tech at Big 12 Media Day. The official site has details of Texas Tech’s day. There’s an entire schedule there and the big thing here is that the entire day will be on FOX Sports for the coach press conferences and the entire day will be on FOX Sports 2 and Texas Tech really won’t get done until 4:00 pm.

Texas Tech will send head coach Kliff Kingsbury, running back DeAndre Washington, defensive end Branden Jackson and center Jared Kaster.

Big 12 Media Day Schedule. Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross has the day’s schedule for the entire Big 12.

Thoughts on Texas Tech’s Depth Chart. Oh, hey, Texas Tech released their own depth chart on Saturday evening and we’ve got ten thoughts.

1. It’s strange to see Ethan Smith as the back-up left tackle when it would seem that this would not be the first option. Smith played some during the spring game and he’s not very big and raw and you’d think the true freshmen will jump up here.

2. Ben Kittley is supposedly related to the Kittley family, you know, Wes (uncle) and Zach (cousin). Ben will be a senior and played for Abilene Christian previously.

3. Justin Stockton is at the second spot at running back, leap-frogging Quinton White, but you can expect White to be in at a second running back or fullback spot.

4. I don’t see a ton surprising from the receiver spot. Reginald Davis and Dylan Cantrell are 1.A. and 1.B. at one wide receiver spot and I again expect the true freshmen to make some noise at the other receiver spots.

5. The placekicker spot is between Michael Barden and Clayton Hatifled.

6. Backing up Branden Jackson is Gary Moore and there is 50 pounds between them. I can’t wait to see that on some level. Speaking of weight, Rika Levi’s weight is down, as Mike Smith said it would be.

7. The buzz on Twitter was that Brieden Fehoko has gained about 7 or 8 pounds since he arrived in December. Personally, I think the coaching staff is setting themselves up for next year with Fehoko and Outlaw sitting second team. They should, theoretically, step in next year and their respective spots.

8. The weakside linebacker spot is between Kris Williams and Mike Mitchell. I think that defensive coordinator David Gibbs is going to run linebackers the same way that he runs the line. It doesn’t make sense for these guys to play 80 plays. There needs to be a second team guy that can step up. I think that’s the thought here.

9. Micah Awe and Dakota Allen will be fun at middle linebacker, while I am surprised that Malik Jenkins is competing so much with San Atoe.

10. Okay, so we’re seeing some stuff happening at the safety spot, which means that J.J. Gaines is at the strong safety spot with Keenon Ward, while Jah’Shawn Johnson and Payton Hendrix are competing at the free safety spot.

Twitter Stuff.

Miscellaneous. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how Texas Tech has one of the largest stipends that will be paid to student-athletes, which will be $4,820. There is a note in there about how the original figure of $5,100, which was released by the Chronicle of Higher Education, was (obviously) wrong, while the new figure includes transportation in the amount of $2,300, $2,120 personal expenses and $400 for academic supplies . . . DMN’s Chuck Carlton with a follow-up piece on UT athletic director Steve Patterson, who says that anyone who makes tough decisions will be criticized . . . DMN’s Carlton also has a story on what to expect for Big 12 media days . . .

We’ll have you covered today and tomorrow with Texas Tech news and notes from Texas Tech’s day at the Big 12 Media days.

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