The Morning Stake

The Morning Stake: Carter and Permian 25 Years Later

We look back at Carter and Permian, 25 years later, plus, Luke Siegel needs your help.

Helping Luke

GoFundMe for Luke Siegel. Courtney Davis created a GoFundMe page for Luke Siegel, the son of former Texas Tech men’s tennis coach Tim Siegel. Luke was injured earlier this week in a golf cart accident. Brain damage, collapsed lung, skull fractures and brain swelling among other complications. If you can give, please do and continue to think good thoughts for Luke and the Siegel family.


Not Mentioning Mike Mitchell Moving Positions. This is more of an explanation than anything else as to why I didn’t mention yesterday Mike Mitchell possibly moving positions. There was an article posted yesterday about how Mike Mitchell would be moving positions, posted by Wreck’Em Red and they posted, from what I can tell, paywall information. The original information was posted to the forum at Red Raider Sports by Will McClay. I’ve done my best to adhere to not posting information from behind a paywall, so I didn’t even mention it and I won’t mention it today (other than this blurb) because I do my best to respect what those guys do at RRS and RP. If it is behind a paywall, it’s off limits.

The guys at RRS typically have information first and there is almost invariably a waiting period for the rest of us to get that information and that’s okay for me. Eventually, the information will trickle out and we’ll all know, but for now, I’ll do my best to not post information behind a paywall. The interesting thing for me is that it’s now, more or less public information with another post about it from RP and there’s no acknowledgement to RRS for breaking the news, which is odd to me.

And yes, the thought would be, “Well, I’ve independently confirmed the move,” which is fine, but that still doesn’t give credit where credit is due. The entire situation is odd and I should be the guy that just jumps on news in order to get hits and visits, but I’ve never operated that way and if I did break news that’s posted first on RRS I would probably very much “win the race” but I haven’t operated that way.

tl;dr — I feel really conflicted about posting something that was behind a paywall.

Miscellaneous. Land Grant Gauntlet ranks the top Big 12 rivalries . . . LAJ’s Don Williams ranks the top three tight ends and he’s ranked Jace Amaro, Andre Tillman and Herschel Ramsey as his top three . . .

Permian and Carter

Carter and Permian 25 Years Later. This is pretty cool, which is a movie based on the 1988 Carter high school football team, which was maybe the best high school team ever and quarterbacking that team was Robert Hall, the former Texas Tech great and current a coach as Mesquite Poteet (I think). It has been 25 years since that fateful season, and it was the season that Buzz Bissinger wrote Friday Night Lights where Permian lost to that Carter team in the championship game. SI has a short video of some of those Permian players coming back 25 years later. Of all things, Carter High is being produced by former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis.

And you can turn down the volume for this video, but this is Hall at quarterback and that Carter team beating Converse Judson.


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