Advertising with Staking The Plains

We’re finally ready to advertise on Staking The Plains, we’ve got details here.

It’s been six months since Staking The Plains launched and now, we’re ready to advertise. There will be five ads available, the point here is that I do not want to overload you, as a visitor and reader of this site, with advertisement, but we do want to monetize the site and the only way to do that is with advertising. I will not be utilizing Google Adsense as I want to emphasize those advertisers who are investing in the site and not an algorithm.

I know that you all are a loyal group and I think that will mean something to advertisers. If you have a business in the Lubbock, Dallas or Houston area, then we have a terrific audience of almost 2,000 users (visitors) a day and almost 3,100 sessions (visits) a day. Those numbers are expected to grow as football season approaches.

So, if you have a business and you’d like to advertise with Staking The Plains, then let please send me an email at stakingtheplains AT gmail DOT com. I’ll send over the ad sheet as an attachment and go from there.


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