Weekly Conversation: Tacos vs. Burritos; Red Panda Sneak Attack

It’s time to discuss tacos and burritos, but whatever you do, don’t take your eye off of the red panda.

Seth: Well, the Kansas game didn’t go exactly as planned and you wrote earlier this week about how Kingsbury need to figure out a way to keep the players motivated. Kingsbury always talk about how if the player can’t get motivated on their own, then they’re not cut out for major college football. Aside from the idea that if a player can’t be motivated, then they’re not cut out for this, what would you do as a coach to keep the players motivated?

Travis: Man, if I knew the answer to that I’d be rich and every game would finish in a tie. I think Arizona Raider summed it up nicely in the comments section of my piece when he said. “Man has a unique knack to totally stink it up or rise to the occasion, often in the same game. Consistent excellence is elusive and sprinkled with a dash of mystery. Just like chasing antelopes.”

I played golf last Thursday and I told the guys in my group that if they were betting, to take Kansas and the points. It’s just one of those deals where the deck is stacked against you- 11am start, empty stadium, a huge game coming up the next week. It’s hard to do. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call for them.

And I know there’s a justifiable amount of worry among the fan base right now but I keep myself sane by thinking about this: In 2002, Kingsbury and Tech won one of the most thrilling games in the school’s history by beating #2 UT. They went into Norman the following week and got throttled. And we all remember what happened in 2008.

One week’s performance (good or bad) is not necessarily a precursor of things to come. Again, like I said before, maybe the team can turn last Saturday into a positive going forward.

So where do you categorize all the data flying at us at 100 mph heading into this weekend? Should Tech even make the trip up to Norman?

Seth: I think the odds are certainly stacked against Texas Tech in this game. The Oklahoma defense is pretty good, but I mentioned in a podcast that Oklahoma gave up 38 points and a ton of yards to Tulsa, who runs a similar offense to Texas Tech. Texas Tech isn’t as wide, but it’s similar. I think the problem for all of us is that we’re still not totally sure what Texas Tech because the program has been beset by inconsistency for a number of years. We’re just not sure what we’re going to get. I do think that Texas Tech’s offense can keep pace, but the defense has to get some turnovers and create some opportunities. I think that was one of the differences in the TCU game, which is that Texas Tech couldn’t create a turnover for the entire game and had they been given one more opportunity, then things could have been different.

One of the weird things about me is that I like wearing shoes as much as possible. I don’t wear them to bed or to the shower, but if I’m hanging out and watching television, I’ll have a pair of tennis shoes on, but I’m not normally barefoot. I also have this deal where if I’m going to a restaurant, I don’t wear flip flops. I’ll typically just wear flip flops if I’m going swimming or if I’m going in and out of the house, like if I’m grilling and need to go in and out to grab different things, but I typically don’t wear flip flops in public and I don’t wear them to eat out. My wife says that this makes me absolutely crazy and she doesn’t understand why I need to be shoed all of the time. I think part of the flip flop thing is because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve out-grown the flip flop, but I also prefer to wear actual shoes.

Travis: I’m very protective of my feet. I’ll wear shoes and socks to the beach, to great disappointment and embarrassment to my wife. And you’ll never catch me in flip flops, ever. But I don’t wear shoes and socks around the house. I let the toes fly up in here.

So there’s been a battle raging on Twitter between several of us about the eternal debate over tacos vs. burritos. I noticed it when we went up to Lubbock a few weeks ago. There it was, in Ballinger, a big ol’ sign for breakfast burritos. I knew at that point we’d crossed over the divide and I felt very uncomfortable.

Down here they are tacos- and we’ve been having this discussion for years for anyone out there that thinks we’re late to the party. My theory is, why make that extra fold? Get your meat, get your cheese, get your salsa, put it all into a tortilla and fold it once. The extra fold (and the totally pompous bonus fold at the bottom) is just a waste of time and energy. In fact, I think that’s what’s wrong with America: Too many people wasting time, making pompous folds, eating their “burritos,” with their pinkie out like some European prince or something.

The metroplex seems to be caught in the middle of this great Civil War. I’m sure there are many places where you can get a good taco or a pompous-ass burrito. So, where do you fall in this debate?

Seth: I’m a taco guy through and through, but a Freebird’s or Chipotle burrito are good things. When I was growing up, my dad had a turfgrass farm and we had some guys from Mexico work for us for darned near 25 years. They were the best employees ever and we’re still friends with them today, in fact my old man went to one of their granddaughter’s Quinceañera a few weeks ago. Anyway, these guys would make a fire every day and they had this piece of metal where they would make corn tortilla tacos every day. And they would always have extra and ask if I wanted a taco, so I grew up on as authentic tacos as you can get from the 4th grade until some time finishing law school. They never made burritos, it was always corn tortillas, usually doubled-up and if given the opportunity, that’s pretty much my go-to when I go grab Mexican food, I’ll order what’s now called “street tacos” and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered a burrito other than the Freebird or Chipotle burrito.

I’d be lying though if I told you that I just won’t eat the burrito because I’ll eat the heck out of a burrito, but at a sit-down restaurant, it’s usually either tacos, fajitas or enchiladas.

I’m a bit pessimistic going into the Oklahoma game, what are you telling your buddies at work for this game and what will be the key for game?

Also, I think we’ve totally played out the Baker Mayfield and Kliff Kingsbury situation, do you have any additional thoughts on that?

Travis: The exciting thing about this game is that I don’t think anyone really has any idea how it will play out. Which Tech team will show up? Which OU team? Who knows.

Tech’s history in Norman has been mixed. Some really good teams have looked really bad there, and vice versa. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

As for Kliff and Baker: the only thing I can add is….let’s see some Pandas.



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