Is it the offseason yet? | 23 Personnel Podcast

Spencer and Michael discuss how quickly the tides have turned on the baseball season and what the Red Raiders need to make it into the Big 12 tournament. They also discuss an upcoming food ranking tournament of best food combinations.


In this episode of the 23 Personnel Podcast, the hosts discuss various topics including off-season content, goaded flavor combinations, Little League updates, roster updates in basketball, softball updates, and the struggles of Texas Tech baseball. They analyze the team’s performance, statistics, and rankings in the Big 12 conference. The hosts also mention upcoming games and tournaments, and the possibility of making it to the postseason. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss the upcoming baseball games and the weather conditions in Stillwater, Oklahoma. They analyze the offensive and defensive statistics of the Oklahoma State baseball team and compare them to Texas Tech. They also discuss the Big 12 standings and the chances of Texas Tech making the conference tournament. The conversation then transitions to a discussion about favorite flavor combinations, including ketchup and gravy, pizza and ranch, and orange juice with various foods. They also mention the idea of ranking restaurant sauces. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss their unique food preferences and traditions. They talk about putting hot sauce on spaghetti, pairing unusual foods together, and eating black-eyed peas with ketchup. They also share their personal food habits, such as eating ice cream and bananas regularly. The hosts reflect on their recent experiences, including attending a concert in Colorado and their children’s Little League games. They end the conversation by discussing the possibility of playing fall ball and the importance of taking care of their lawns.


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