Texas Tech Basketball: Things to Improve Upon From 2023-2024

When I would preview a team during the season I’d look at the chart on the left at T-Rank as this is a really dead simple way to know a lot about a team without having had time to watch them at all. What we know about the team is that the offense was really good, top 25 for the year in adjusted offensive efficiency. If you dig down deeper, they were an okay shooting team, 77th in the nation in eFG% and breaking that down further, the team was 62nd in 3-point shooting and 120th in 2-point shooting. Despite all of the things that you think, the team was a decent shooting team, but wasn’t great at shooting inside the arc.

This team was middle of the road in turnover percentage, not great and not terrible, 150th overall, and you’d like to see that improve. This team was also mid at offensive rebounding, 121st in the nation, and the same thing for free throw rate, 136th overall.

One of the things that definitely helped the offense was that this team was 16th overall in free throws made, 78% for the year. That’s pretty big.

One last thing on the offense, which was we thought that the offense might be a bit quicker, and according to T-Rank, the offenses adjusted tempo was 265th, so not exactly high tempo.

The defense was 62nd overall, so not terrible. Top 75 is good, but it’s not going to win you a championship. The team was 99th in the nation in eFG% overall, 76th in opponent 3-point shooting and 147th in opponent 2-point shooting. Those are figures that probably have to get better. The best thing the defense did was limit opponents in shooting free throws, 46th in the nation.

Things where the offense needs to improve is opponent offensive rebounding, 232nd in the nation. I think that speaks to a frontcourt that wasn’t overly athletic other than Warren Washington and obviously wasn’t a very strong rebounding team. I think this has to be a point of emphasis. And since we are here, the team was terrible at block percentage, 297th in the nation. Federick Federick should help with that, but he can’t be the only one and I think there needs to be additional help there. Two shot-blockers is probably ideal, or increase the athleticism of the frontcourt.

One last item that the team was just okay at was turnover percentage, 166th in the nation. you’d like to see that improve quite a bit from 2023-24 to 2024-25.

What are my top 5 areas to improve upon in 2024-25?

1. Offensive turnovers
2. Offensive rebounding
3. Defensive shot-blocking
4. Defensive offensive rebounding
5. Forcing opposing turnovers

I’m posting the player stats. Green is good, red is bad. I know of some things that I think need improvement, but the 3-point shooting for Isaacs and Toussaint was something that never really got corrected through the season and Isaacs had so many shots, nearly 250, which was 80 or so more than McMillian, which is about 2.5 more attempts per game.


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