Texas Tech Football Notebook: Baylen Brown Very Limited; DeAndre Washington Aiming for 1,000

We’ve got a mid-week injury update and running back DeAndre Washington is aiming for 1,000 yards this year.

Consider Giving If You Can. Oklahoma State has set up a page to remember the parade victims from last weekend. There are GoFundMe links if you are so inclined to help a particular person or family overcome this horrible tragedy. Don’t forget that there are still people fighting to survive and they need medical assistance too. And there was this internal decision within the athletic department, haven’t asked anyone to do it, to not say “Wreck OSU” this week in light of what happened. There were lots of people up in arms on Twitter about the political correctness of this request, which again, isn’t being asked by anyone other than those in the athletic department. Rather than consider this to be about the political correctness, maybe just look at it as a nice thing to do and let someone know that we’re thinking about them.

Mid-Week Availability.

Kingsbury talks about the Oklahoma State defense, mentioning the ends being so good. Moves on to the offense to protect better and get the ball out of Mahomes hands, but it just isn’t on the offensive line. Says that Baylen Brown is very limited this week. Also comments on how Ian Sadler was a bit rusty last week, but should be better this week and more up to speed. Says that the previous years don’t have anything to do with what’s happened in the past.

Notebook: Strong Finishes. LAJ’s Don Williams has his notebook for the day and reaffirms what’s in the video embedded above (as an aside, Don was absent for the Oklahoma game and was gone the first few days of the week and was wondering where he was):

  • This is the quote from Kingsbury about previous years having nothing to do with this year:

    “We’ll see where we’re at this week and go from there,” he said. “But I don’t think this year has anything to do with last year or the previous four years or whatever it’s been since Tech’s really won in the Big 12. We just have to keep working at it and see how this Saturday goes.”

  • Don Also affirms the injury situation, which is that Brown is very limited and CB Justis Nelson has a cast, as does Zach Austin, but both are expected to play.
  • Kingsbury is asked about how Oklahoma State will bring blitzers from all over the place, similar to what Texas Tech did last year, not have anyone on the ground:

    “I think it’s a tough look at times for trying to get your (offensive) line slid the right way,” Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said. “With those ends, I think they’re trying to create matchups for those guys one on one, and it’s smart.

Let’s Do This.

Aiming for 1,000. LAJ’s Krista Pirtle writes how DeAndre Washington is aiming for 1,000 yards, and currently at 837 yards:

Washington added, “Coach King (Kliff Kingsbury) definitely did a heck of a job emphasizing the run game this year. We have guys on the offensive line with a bunch of experience. That’s been huge.”

It’s a Challenge. ESPN’s Max Olson writes about the struggling Texas Tech run defense:

The Oklahoma State offense they face next shouldn’t pose as great a challenge as some of the teams the Red Raiders have already seen. Running backs Rennie Childs and Chris Carson have only rushed for 109 and 104 yards, respectively, in Big 12 play this year. But they’ll still try to hit Tech the way everyone else has.

LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot also writes about being unable to stop the opponents rushing attack and that before arriving at Texas Tech, Gibbs had shown the ability to stop opponents:

Nor is he a defensive coordinator that has had a problem stopping the run in his prior stops as defensive coordinator. At Houston last season, the Cougars had the 37th ranked rushing defense, giving up 143.3 yards per game. The year before that Houston was ranked 43rd, giving up 149 yards per game. When he was the defensive coordinator at Auburn in 2005, the Tigers were ranked 22nd in the country (116.3 yards per game) at stopping the run.

“You know, the crazy thing is we are playing run defenses. I know when you’re sitting there watching the game and you’re watching it on TV and everybody is like, ‘Why don’t you put 10 guys in the box?’” Gibbs said. “You have to gap out, you have to be sound, you have to do things if you’re going to improve.

“If you’re going to be some rat-trap guy, go blitz every snap, that’s fine and dandy, too, but I’m trying to build something.”

11:00 am Kickoff for West Virginia.

Miscellaneous. Land Grant Gauntlet ranks the Big 12 quarterbacks this week (not a good week for Mahomes) . . .


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