Texas Tech Football: Kliff Kingsbury On West Virginia; Branden Jackson’s Loyalty to Texas Tech

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks West Virginia and Branden Jackson discusses his loyalty to Texas Tech.

Outside the Huddle.

These are not direct quotes, just me typing quickly: They’re in the aquatic rehab center, which is interesting and Kingsbury said that he said in ice as a player. Kingsbury also talked about how he knows that the offense has to keep going and you can’t stop. Mentions that there are times when the team goes into a lull and have to snap out of it. Gives credit to Oklahoma State and the defense did make some stops, but the team has to rise up together. Talks about the 4th and the foot again. Didn’t talk to Holgorsen much, have a ton of respect with him and got him into coaching. Sees a tough team in West Virginia and have played four good football teams and losses. They are a dangerous team and be excited ot be back home. The seniors need to help show that this is a good football team and there’s a lot of football left to play. Wants the seniors to have those great moments.

Jackson’s Return. TribLive’s Bill West writes about Branden Jackson’s return back to West Virginia, where he said that he is teased by his teammates for the way he talks:

“They like to gang up on me, but I hold my own pretty well,” Jackson said of his Texas-born teammates. “They tell me I’m a nerd. They say I talk really proper, and I need to get some swag in my voice. I just tell them I speak the way I always have. Up north, we pronounce our E’s and R’s.”

That’s pretty funny. Jackson also talks about how Devin Simmons left Texas Tech and how Jackson felt loyalty and family with what was here at Texas Tech.

Must Win Game. DMN’s Michael DuPont has his weekly prediction:

Texas Tech’s offense does not allow the team to have another slow start on the road akin to games earlier in the season against Kansas and Oklahoma. Mahomes’ versatility causes constant issues for West Virginia’s defense which will be without arguably it’s best player in senior safety Karl Joseph who is out for the season. Washington will keep the Red Raiders in workable second and third down scenarios and receivers like Grant along with juniors Devin Lauderdale and Reginald Davis and sophomore Ian Sadler will remain big-play targets for Mahomes, especially on the road.

Off Topic: Tortillas – the other white bread: Via TMBBQ, I am sure this will cause zero debate, but Daniel Vaughn, the state’s BBQ expert, makes a case for tortillas to be served with BBQ, along with white bread and crackers:

I’m not saying that white bread, or even saltines, should no longer have a place in Texas barbecue. They both serve a purpose, and for some, the nostalgic connection is more important than the flavor or the function. But maybe we can open barbecue’s bread tent to include tortillas too. This is already happening at some joints, like BBQ on the Brazos, which has no problem letting both bread and tortillas exist harmoniously on their menu. So let’s embrace our most Texan carbohydrate and bring tortillas into the fold.

Love that last sentence.

Miscellaneous. Football Study Hall’s Bill Connelly has his weekly picks and the numbers love West Virginia, an 80% chance of winning for WVU and by 15 points . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Kyle Lang has a preview of Texas Tech and West Virginia . . .


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