Five Post Game Thoughts: West Virginia 31, Texas Tech 26

Texas Tech loses a low scoring affair to West Virginia, where the Texas Tech defense, again, showed the inability to stop the Mountaineers from running the ball.

1. Branden Jackson is going to regret that personal foul for a long time. You all know me well enough to know that it never comes down to one play, but that was a tough one to watch. And the horrible thing is that Jackson has been a model person all year, just so out of character for him. Micah Awe’s penalty at the goal line allowed West Virginia to just walk away from the game.

2. The run defense continues to struggle. I wouldn’t have let Howard throw the ball in the second half. Without a run defense, it’s incredibly tough to defend anyone or win a game. Literally, Texas Tech cannot stop the run for shit.

3. West Virginia wasn’t letting anything in front of them defensively and it caused Patrick Mahomes to run the ball more than he would like and there was nothing going deep.  The lack of ability to punch the ball in into the endzone in the red zone was and is problematic on the road.

4. This team struggles on the road and that was the biggest reason why I think thought prior to the game that Texas Tech would struggle. Learning to win on the road is incredibly tough.

5. This was won and lost on the line of scrimmage. Mahomes wasn’t perfect, but he had little time in the pocket. The offensive line struggled to do much of anything. The line did do a good job of creating space for Washington, but Mahomes was on the run for the better part of the game.


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