Texas Tech Makes It Official, Smith, Curtis and Haverty All Dismissed

Kliff Kingsbury makes it official and confirms that Mike Smith, Kevin Curtis and Trey Haverty have all been dismissed.

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury released a statement today affirming that the reports of Mike Smith and Kevin Curtis being dismissed with the new report that Trey Haverty has also been dismissed:

“We appreciate all that Mike, Kevin and Trey have done at Texas Tech over the last three seasons,” Kingsbury said. “All three are great Red Raiders and we wish them the very best.”

LAJ’s Don Williams had a series of quotes from Trey Haverty:

If you would like to read some extremely hot takes on defensive coordinator David Gibbs, the Daily Toreador’s Grayson McAlister has got your arse covered:

Some say these numbers are a result of high-scoring Big 12 offenses, which could play a role. However, I don’t see why we are paying half a million dollars a year to a man to coach a defense giving up more than half a thousand yards a game. On top of this, there has been absolutely zero improvement over the course of the season. After a multitude of games getting trampled on, one would think there would be some changes made or a little improvement. Unfortunately, there is not.

We are paying half a million dollars to give up 540 yards a game, along with 42 points. Gibbs’ defense has turned a team that scores the second-most points in the nation to a below .500 team in conference play. Why isn’t it that we pay a high school defensive coordinator an extra 10 or 20 grand a year and give the excess hundreds of thousands of dollars to the homeless or food banks?

I feel like we’re being pranked here, but I think this is for real.


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