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The Morning Stake: Football Team Visits Children’s Center; Last Full Practice Before Game

Lots of news from the Morning Stake, including the team going to a local children’s museum and updates and highlights from the last full practice before the Texas Bowl.

Children’s Center Visit. Lots of terrific photos from the team visiting with children from the Children’s Center at the Children’s Museum of Houston. The Children’s Center helps with adoption, foster care, counseling, etc. (hat-tip to LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot, which has an article about the player’s visit).


More photos from yesterday’s practice inside the NRG Stadium practice facility.

Post Practice.

We hear from head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

And we also get a short interview from QB Patrick Mahomes.

Opportunity for Brock and Dewhurts. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the two coaches who were given on-field duties, Brett Dewhurst and Matt Brock. Here’s Kingsbury on their opportunity:

“A lot of those guys are veteran players in those position groups,” he said, “so they know how to handle themselves. They know how to carry themselves.

“The guys we promoted are some of the hardest workers on our staff and have been around it, know our terminology, know what we expect, so it’s been a fairly smooth transition thus far.”

Same Approach. NOLA’s Jim Kleinpeter writes about how Texas Tech and Mahomes believe that the Red Raiders will need to get off to a fast start:

“It’s same approach we took in the Arkansas game,” Mahomes said after Sunday’s practice. “We knew they were going to try limit the offense being on the field. Our job is to get out there, jump on them fast be efficient and hopefully we can speed the game up.

“It does give you confidence (having faced a similar type team). Arkansas was a great team and we had success against them. We were efficient. Knowing they have a similar defense, same recruiting, same physicality that does give me a little bit of confidence.”

Webb’s Future. LAJ’s Don Williams asked Kingsbury about Davis Webb’s future:

“I’m not going to share any of those conversations,” Kingsbury said, “but that is probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen since I’ve been coaching, the way he’s handled himself this year. He’s a very competitive young man, wants to play. He’s as talented as any quarterback I’ve ever coached.

“For him to handle it the way he has, it’s been awesome for not only that room, but for our entire program.”

Of Course . . . Expansion. SI’s Pete Thamel opines on the expansion issue with the Big 12, namely, that he believes that if the legislation for the Big 12 to have a championship game isn’t passed on January 15th, that there is a 70% chance the Big 12 will expand:

Here’s the prevailing thought around the Big 12: If its legislation proposal gets shot down, there’s a roughly 70% chance the league will expand during the next year or two in order to get a title game. If the legislation passes, there’s less than a 50% chance of imminent change in the form of the Big 12 adding new members. There are many other variables in play, but this is arguably the biggest.

Keep in mind that the Big Ten recently added wording to the Big 12 proposed legislation, the Big 12 legislation wants to add a championship game without 12 teams. The Big Ten amendment states that there must be two divisions if there is a championship game. I have no idea how Thamel came up with those percentages, but Thamel has the usual suspects, namely BYU, Cincinnati, Connecticut and Colorado State being the favored teams if there is expansion. Also, apparently, no one in the Big 12 wants to allow Houston into the Big 12.

There’s also a note at the end discussing the demise of the Longhorn Network, losing $48 million overall for ESPN.

Miscellaneous. DMN’s Tommy Magelssen predicts Tuesday’s game . . . the Chron’s Adam Coleman has notes from Texas Tech and LSU from yesterday . . . from the official LSU site, notes from yesterday for the Tigers as they also visited with children from the Children’s Center . . . NOLA’s Ron Higgins takes a look at Kliff Kingsbury’s pro career, which included a stop in New Orleans in 2004 . . . LAJ’s Don Williams writes about whether or not the teams will use trick plays on Tuesday . . . LAJ’s Don Williams has a few quotes from Mahomes when he was made available to the media, namely that he doesn’t notice his knee brace, his 4 interception game against Oklahoma and how he learned from it, and by beating Arkansas, it gives him confidence to beat LSU . . .


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