Chapter XVII: Kingsbury Talks Spring Game; Fehoko Continues to Work on His Game

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Kliff Kingsbury

  • The spring scrimmage will structure to get reps and situations the way they want them. A red zone period and a coming out period and then just try to get as many reps as possible.
  • Nik Shimonek will get some work, has worked with the one’s to get him some time there and feels good about how he’s handled himself well
  • Dylan Cantrell is a full go.
  • He was asked about the defensive line and said that he’s keeping an eye on all of the defensive line.
  • Biggest thing he wants to see is that he wants to have a clean game, plays as many people as possible and get some work out of it. Don’t turn it into a free for all.
  • Very pleased with the performance, pleased with the effort. The young players are fighting for spots has been a breath of fresh air.
  • Keke Coutee on offense and Broderick Washington have made the biggest strides this spring. These are the two players he singled out, which says a bit about them.
  • As far as each position goes, it’s still wide open, still guys that will likely be penciled in, but we want people to earn their spots and will continue to do that with summer workouts.
  • How much does Kingsbury focus on live situations with Patrick Mahomes? Tries to focus on that this spring, because he tries to make a play and something out of every situation. Kingsbury will keep the offense very vanilla and wants Mahomes to just protect the football and operate smoothly.
  • Kingsbury is asked about the offensive line and said that Tony Morales at center has taken over that spot. Baylen Brown as a returning starter hasĀ been a leader and more assertive.
  • Satellite camps? There are positives and negatives, he can understand why they did it, lines were being crossed. It shows how interested they are when they do get to campus, we have to be creative to get them here. Said that the staff also have to be great in spring recruiting. There are positives and negatives, but can understand why they made the change. Is asked if this affects him more, and said that maybe location is a factor, a bit easier if the program is more centrally located. Just have to be great on evaluations and get kids on campus.

DT Brieden Fehoko

  • The main thing is the defense playing together, just lining up and playing football. Getting the fundamentals down. Not panicking is what the coaches on offense and defense want. Not just going out there and going blind.
  • Fehoko was asked what he’s learned from Kevin Patrick and he said that the biggest thing is that you don’t get those practices back. You don’t get that sophomore spring back, don’t go through the motions, you’re either getting better or getting worse.
  • Ondre Pipkins will be a full go on Saturday. Important to have depth and have guys rotate in, have Pipkin and Broderick Washington at nose guard and Mike Thomas at tackle in the summer will be nice.
  • Fehoko was asked who has impressed him this spring and he said that Gary Moore, Kolin Hill, and Broderick Washington along with Pipkins are really good guys to play around, and Fehoko feels like he can play for them.
  • Was asked about Talor Nunez and Fehoko says that everyone forgets about Talor Nunez. Talor is a utility guy, can play nose, tackle or end and is one of the smartest and hardest working guys in the room.
  • Biggest area of improvement for Fehoko is adjusting to the speed of the game. The Big 12 offenses go fast and they are going to line up and go. The biggest adjustment is the speed of game. He’s not where he wants to be, but is taking steps to get there.
  • Still want to improve on understanding what the offenses do, and not just go out there blind. If you win that part, half the game is mental, then winning the physical part, it’s not that big of a deal for Fehoko. This is a guy that is confident in his abilities physically, but is really focusing on the mental part of the game.
  • Everyone gets the idea that the offensive line is young, but the offensive line has been good. Baylen Brown and Tony Morales have been good leader, with Terence and Madison Akamnonu stepping up, the offensive line has been in good hands this year.


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