The Morning Stake: April 14th



Latest on Smith to Memphis. I posted this yesterday evening, but it recaps what we know as of last night regarding Tubby Smith going to Memphis.  The latest I saw on Twitter was that Smith was going to sleep on his decision. Hold on to your butts.

Late Signing Period. The late signing period started on Wednesday and RRS’s Mike DuPont takes a look at the current class, which only includes shooting guard Keon Clergeot, and two possible JUCO guys, Braian Angola-Rodas, a small forward or shooting guard, and Lucas Siewert, a 6’9″ power forward from California. Of course, all of this may be on hold due to the fact that Tubby Smith may be headed to Memphis.

Most Surprising. SI’s Chris Johnson wrote about the ten most surprising teams of this year and one of those teams was Texas Tech:

The Red Raiders didn’t win a game in the NCAAs or even finish in the top half of the Big 12. But they did perform better than most observers thought they would—including, which pegged them as the 105th-best team in the nation before the season. Texas Tech reeled off a five-game winning streak in the middle of February that included victories over Iowa State, Baylor and Oklahoma and finished with a .500 record in the nation’s toughest league. Coach Tubby Smith’s team excelled at drawing fouls and capitalized on its opportunities at the free-throw line by converting 76.1% of its attempts during Big 12 play, the best mark in the conference.

Ohio State’s A.J. Harris Favors Texas Tech. Ohio State freshman guard A.J. Harris (5’9″/150) is transferring from Ohio State and is leaning heavily in favor of Texas Tech according to the Dayton Daily News

As stated above, this may all be moot if Smith doesn’t stay.


Texas Tech Sweeps Double-Header. The series post with Sam Houston State was updated and make sure and check out the highlights as Texas Tech won both games in a double-header yesterday, 8-6 and 20-3. Lots of home runs hit yesterday. Lots of fun to watch.


Parking. The official site released information as to where you can park for the spring game. The game starts at noon and will last two hours. Make sure and bring your poncho.

Thanks to a Torn ACL. SB Nation’s Louis Bien writes about how RB DeAndre Washington would not be the player he is today without having torn that ACL so many years ago:

“It definitely helped build me mentally,” he said. “The injury happened, and I wouldn’t change it for nothing. If I could go back and do it, I wouldn’t redo it at all.”

Washington may be one of the few people in the world who can see that with a straight face, the rare breed for whom hard work isn’t a means to a reward, but a reward in itself. In his world, there is no such thing as wasted effort. If you try, all things turn out for the better, even if you have to resort to Plan B sooner than you’d like.

“You really don’t have time to kind of feel bad for yourself,” he said. “At the end of the day, if you do what you’re supposed to do, on the field and off the field, the business will take care of itself.”

Oakman Arrested; Baylor Didn’t Investigate Rape for Two Years. The first part of this news is that per WacoTrib’s Tommy Witherspoon, former Baylor player Shawn Oakman was arrested on charges of sexual assault from an incident on Sunday morning. In disturbing story number two of the day, ESPN’s Paula Lavigne writes that Baylor did not investigate a sexual assault against two football players for two years. Two years.

In 2013, the Waco Police Department wrote in a police report that it had informed Baylor officials about an off-campus incident involving former All-Big 12 tight end Tre’Von Armstead and former practice squad player Myke Chatman. Waco police also told the alleged victim they had contacted Baylor, but according to documents and interviews conducted by Outside the Lines, Baylor didn’t begin looking into the allegations until Sept. 11, 2015.

Baylor kicked Armstead off its football team last fall and expelled him from school in February over the allegations, documents obtained by Outside the Lines show. When Baylor coaches announced his suspension from the team, they said it came as a result of a “team rules violation.” Chatman was enrolled at Baylor at the time of the incident but left after that semester.

One of the players in the ESPN report, Armstead, is considering suing Baylor as a result of not doing the investigation either because he’s now been damaged as a result of the lack of investigation. If you read the entire article, it’s all just bad.

Miscellaneous. DMN’s Mike DuPont takes a look at the linebacker position.

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