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The Morning Stake: May 13th

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Adoption Update III. The thing about international adoption is that you have to be flexible. We’re now getting Youssouf on Saturday night. So we’ve gone from Saturday night to Friday night and now back to Saturday night. We do have actual ticket confirmation. So just one more sleep.

Indoor Practice Facility Construction Cam. This is pretty cool, you can watch the progress of the indoor practice facility. As of 4:23 this morning, there’s nothing happening.


Women’s Tennis Begins Regional with Boston University. Here we go. The ladies (23-5) begin their regional tournament against Boston University (12-8) at 5:00 pm at the McLeod Tennis Center:

“All three of these teams are extremely talented, but we’ve played the type of schedule to prepare ourselves for this moment,” Texas Tech head coach Todd Petty said. “It’s not anything different from what we’ve seen all season, and that’s not taking away from our opponents. We’ve won some, and we’ve lost some. We have to stay consistent with our effort and our focus. If we’re able to accomplish those things and not get lost in the moment, we’ll be able to be there at the end of the match and have a shot to win.”

The men don’t begin their regional until Saturday.

Track & Field



Adding Another Guard?

I’ve got no scoop on this and it’s surprising as Texas Tech is out of scholarships. This could be interesting.


Spring Review. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon has a spring review with a look at the offense, defense, breakout players and the key storyline:

Key storyline: Allen’s dismissal puts a circle around Johnathan Picone’s name. The early enrollee linebacker ended the spring as Allen’s backup but now may be called upon to start as a true freshman. It’s not going to be the only defining factor on a defense that allowed 3.02 points per drive a year ago but it is important to have someone replace Allen’s production.

I still haven’t heard anything about Allen other than it’s not real good.

Defensive Efficiency is Not Good. ESPN’s Chatmon also has a look at each team’s defensive efficiency in the Big 12 and this is the opposite of good:

10. Texas Tech, 2.73: Landing at the bottom of the Big 12 speaks volumes for how strong the Red Raiders offense has performed to win 27 games while also underlining the obstacle that stands between Texas Tech and a Big 12 title. It’s staggering to think Tech has allowed almost a field goal per drive for four years. The fact the Red Raiders had four different defensive coordinators during this span probably didn’t help matters.

For those of you keeping track, this is worse than Kansas.

Grants Wants to Follow Thomas. Dolphins’ Alain Poupart, newly drafted Jakeem Grant with the Dolphins talked about how Zach Thomas is an inspiration for him:

When Thomas visited his alma mater to talk to the players, the 5-foot-6 Grant made it a point tell him what he meant to him.

“(I said), ‘Actually, I really look up to you. I love your work ethic,’ ” Grant said. “And just the fact that he was an undersized linebacker. Looking at that, I was like, ‘Zach did it, so why can’t I?’ Yes, he was on the other side of the ball. Yes, he is tackling (players), and I’m making defenders miss. I felt like Zach, he pushed forward that movement as well.

“Everybody didn’t think he could do it because he’s an undersized linebacker. And what did he do? He came out and proved people wrong. I feel like that’s the same thing I’m going towards. I definitely want to be recognized with him.”

Miscellaneous. Football Study Hall’s Ian Boyd has a good look at how 4-3 defenses can play the smashmouth spread that Baylor runs . . .


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