The Morning Stake: July 21st

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Kingsbury at ESPN Studios. Yesterday, Kliff Kingsbury did the ESPN Car Wash, which is essentially him going on a bunch of shows and making a bunch of appearances on ESPN and the like. We’ll usually see more of this trickle out as they become available, for instance, I haven’t seen anything on the Undefeated site, Highly Questionable, Dari and Mel, Jorge and Izzy or Freddie Coleman.

• The AP’s Ralph Russo has a handful of the documents of the various institutions have submitted to the Big 12 to be picked as a part of the Big 12. This really is going to be fun because everyone wants into the party, but only a few get in.

The Observer in Atascocita writes that redshirt freshman WR Quan Shorts looks to make an impact this year (although that’s a heck of a depth chart to climb, but I love his potential) and Kingsbury thinks that Shorts has adjusted:

“I think he got adjusted to the speed of the game and adjusted to our offense,” Kingsbury said. “He’s a hard working kid. The sky is the limit for his potential. We have a bunch of talent at wide receiver, so he’s going to have to bring it to get his reps, but he can be as good as he wants to be.”

At 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, Shorts is most likely to be placed at the Z Receiver position. It is the only current receiver position Tech has a starter on the post-spring depth chart who is over 6-feet tall. Kingsbury mentioned that Shorts has two older players in front of him, which would be senior Reginald Davis and junior Dylan Cantrell. However, Kingsbury has been known to play freshman if he feels they are better than the older players. He believes that if Shorts “brings it”, he can make a solid impact in 2016.

“He has the ability to do it. It’s just whether he will answer the bell or not,” Kingsbury said.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy took a straw poll of the coaches choices for expansion and BYU and Houston each received 5 votes. In what can only be described as very timely news, via ESPN is reporting that the NCAA is investigating South Florida for academic fraud in their men’s basketball program, which is generally pretty terrible.

ESPN polled players after the Big 12 Media Days and asked theme questions about the Big 12, other players and Pokemon.

ESPN’s Mark Schlaback reports that former Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman has been indicted by a grand jury for second degree felony sexual assault.

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