The Morning Stake: July 22nd

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Oklahoma State’s Coger has Died. Tyrek Coger, a junior college transfer who had arrived just this summer at Oklahoma State, has died during an afternoon workout yesterday. What a terrible loss for his family and the Oklahoma State family.


Satellite Camps. Texas Tech will hold two additional satellite camps, one in Broken Arrow, near Tulsa, on Saturday and a second in Duncanville on Sunday. I don’t recall that Texas Tech held additional camps other than the ones before the Big 12 Media Days and this is probably a good thing.

Brown Opines on Offensive Line. RRS’s Will McKay talked with LT Baylen Brown about the line overall, as well as Jared Kaster’s new role with the team, which is a quality control assistant, as well as Tony Morales and Terence Steele:

“Me and Tony Morales have been really close ever since I got here,” Brown said. “Me and Murphy are also really close. He’s one of my really good friends. He might be next to me on the left side as a guard there. Even Terence Steele, who will probably be our right tackle, he’s a good guy that has really opened up. He was quiet at first, but he’s really become one of the more outspoken guys in our group. We have one more guard spot that’s kind of open. But, every guy that could take that spot, I think we feel pretty confident in right there. We really have a good group camaraderie. We hang out on the weekends, hang out during the week, so that’s good for us I think.”

Mahomes Ranked 3rd for Pro Football Focus. Pro Football Focus ranked the Big 12 quarterbacks and they had Patrick Mahomes 4th behind Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph and Seth Russell. This first sentence appears to be lazy and not accurate, “may not make a ton of difficult throws”?

While Mahomes may not make a ton of difficult throws in the Red Raiders offense, he rarely misses on the throws he does make. His 74.2 percent adjusted completion rate was second in the conference and sixth among Power-5 quarterbacks. He doesn’t have a great deep ball, accurate on just 40.3 percent of his throws and seven interceptions. But he also threw 15 deep touchdowns and that was the most in the Big 12. Mahomes also adds a huge running threat to his quarterbacking. He doesn’t necessarily scramble all the time but he makes plays with his feet to extend passing plays like the one below.

Rival Players Opine on Mahomes. RRS’s Will McKay spoke to Big 12 players about Patrick Mahomes and in addition to a handful of other things, Mahomes’ physical size is one of the things that opposing players note:

“He’s a really big quarterback, bigger than the average quarterback you see in the Big 12. He wasn’t as fast as some other guys, but he can scramble and is pretty hard to get down.”

“That guy is a freak, man. He’s a bigger, physical guy, bigger than you expect off film. He’ll take a lick. But, he moves around real well, and he can sling it. He’ll be one of the best quarterbacks we face all year long, for sure.”

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