The Morning Stake: August 2nd

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Gotta Eat, Part II. This time it’s the defensive line and Coach Patrick. Don’t even know how you go about planning to feed that many defensive linemen.

Dream and Nightmare Scenarios. ESPN’s Max Olson has Texas Tech’s quite dreamy and quite nightmarish scenarios for the season, including a trip to the Sugar Bowl for the dream and hiring a new defensive staff for the nightmare.

Home and Home with Oregon. That’s right, Texas Tech and Oregon have scheduled a home-and-home series with the Ducks starting in 2023 in Lubbock with the next year in Eugene. Love it. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Texas Tech has been working with Pac 12 teams, like Arizona State and Oregon.

Amaro May be Breaking Through. Via the NYPost, former Texas Tech footballer Jace Amaro is hopefully breaking through with the NY Jets:

“I definitely still have a lot to prove to these guys,” Amaro said. “That’s going to come with me coming out here every day and doing the little things right. I’m not going to win them over in one day. It’s going to have to be one, two, three, four, five days and then the preseason and then ultimately when the weeks go by in the regular season, just showing them game by game what I can do. Hopefully I improve every single week and showcase what I can do.”

Pretty Awesome Reddit Thread. This Reddit thread by Dybuell has all sorts of things, including some pretty sweet schedule posters, official colors and logos for each team, and lots of other great stuff.

Charges to be Dropped Against Allen, Castaneda and Ellison. Via the LAJ’s Gabriel Monte and Jordan Sigler Dakota Allen, Robert Castaneda and Trace Ellison have agreed to a pre-trial diversion and must complete the requirements of the court, which include 24 hours of community service and participating in drug offender and theft intervention programs, or the DA’s office can re-file charges:

Castaneda’s attorney, Chuck Lanehart, said the terms of his client’s agreement with the district attorney’s office include serving 24-hours of community service and participating in drug offender and theft intervention programs.

“If he does not complete it, the state still has the discretion to refile the charges, because the statute of limitations (for the crime) is three years, so they’ve got plenty of time to re-file,” he said.

Allen’s agreement includes similar conditions, Womack said.

He said the DA’s office had discussed all the evidence with him and decided dropping all charges and placing his client on a pre-trial diversion was the best way to move forward.

“(Allen is) very relieved,” he said. “I can’t imagine a person less likely to do something like this and get himself in trouble and literally to break his family’s hearts. It’s just unbelievable. But as things have developed, he has a chance to repay all the faith that people have in him if he does everything right, and so he’s extremely happy to have the opportunity.”

I don’t think that any of these guys will ever play for Texas Tech again, but I wish them luck in getting their lives back.

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