Big 12 Expansion Poll: Round 3 Run-Off

The voting was too close for round 3 and we need to have a run-off vote between Houston and Colorado State.

The results are in from yesterday’s voting and it’s time for a run-off. As you may recall, here are the winners from the first two rounds:

Round 1: BYU
Round 2: Cincinnati

After it was all said and done, the vote for round 3 was very much split and I’m taking the top two teams for the run-off and then we’ll re-boot on Monday with the fourth addition. Here is how the programs finished:

Colorado State – 21.7%
Houston – 17.2%
Central Florida – 15.8%
UConn – 14.5%
Memphis 13%

So, we’re taking Colorado State and Houston in a run-off. Let’s vote.


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