Weekend Open Thread: How Much Do You Tip?

Let’s talk about tipping.

This is something that perplexes me and I always think that I’m not tipping enough. So, since we’re all friends here, I thought that if I took a pool and then took the average of that, or slightly above average, then I’m all good. So, this is for your benefit as well as my benefit.

I’m deeply interested in your comments and I know that this can’t take into consideration things like the frequency that you get a haircut. So, if you get a haircut every two weeks, does that change the amount that you tip. Also, regarding tipping at a restaurant, I would guess that a lot of you tip based on performance, but regardless of performance, I always tip at least 15%, probably a bit more. And there are probably more instances of tipping, but these four instances crop up more in my life more than other instances (the valet being the least likely instance, but am still curious). If you have other examples, let me know in the comments.


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