Practice Report: Recapping the First Practice

Non-Transcript of Kingsbury:

Talking about Houston Miller, who slept in the locker room overnight, that’s who he is, he is 180% all of the time, I didn’t know he did that. Miller had two knockdowns today . . . Miller is going to go as hard as he can go all of the time and he’s got a big-time motor . . . Willie Sykes is walking on, transferred from Arkansas, wanted to get back to Texas, talented kid it sounds like. Hasn’t been in the weight room . . . Kaleb Hill, same deal, wanted to get back to Texas and earn a scholarship. Really enjoyed working with his brother . . . Conner Dyer won’t be here for fall camp, currently injured and a knee injury and not related to his old knee surgery . . . . takeaway from practice, the experience with quarterback, Pat, Payne and Nick all have had 3 years in the system, lots of player driven emotion . . . It is more reps each day, Cody Wheeler went first today, he’s probably our number 2 center, will rotate Madison, Jack and Paul, we’d like to make a decision mid-next week . . . scrimmage on Saturday . . . it is a very competitive bunch, grown up in the program and think they are hungry to be on the other end of that . . . hour weather delay, looking forward to the indoor, affected 3 times this summer . . . . lots of sun damage, need to keep the youthful exuberance, the hat was a recommendation . . .

Non-Transcript of Patrick Mahomes and Keenon Ward:

Patrick Mahomes: Defense did have a good day, but sure that they don’t want to talk about all of the ones we went on top of them, they had some batted balls and a couple of INT’s . . . that’s the one thing that you haven’t seen, as a whole unit, we are a brotherhood, talking trash and breaking competition . . . the first team didn’t get me, but Houston Miller did get me two times . . . there is definitely more athletes and have better awareness of when the ball is throw, that’s what’s higher on this team . . . everyone was amped up, still need to bring energy . . . Keke Coutee did well, Reginald Davis had some good catches and Devin Lauderdale . . . Lauderdale is really impressive, after the spring of not having the spring and not taking a step back and getting better each time . . . Lauderdale ran an out and fought for the ball . . . you don’t really have to get people amped up, no matter what offseason training you do, you have to get through the hard times in practice . . . having guys with size outside, can really go over the top, can also run a lot of stops and outs, having them gives us options on offense . . . Colt Garrett, has a really good arm, just has to work on technique, trying to soak up as much as he can, he’s trying to get reps and as much work as he can . . . the offense live is competing hard, Cody Wheeler is really competing, they are all really getting after it . . . Madison Akamnonu and Paul Stawarz, as well as the freshmen . . .

Keenon Ward: caught an INT and took it to the house on Patrick . . . having to wait hours on day one, it was a good practice . . . we kind of flowed well today, the young guys were thrown into the fire today, they did good . . . Gibbs is putting some of the younger guys with the older guys, just trying to help them . . . was working with Desmon Smith, Jah’Shawn was working with Tevin, who is new to safety . . . the INT was leading by example . . . the freshmen have a lot of talent, they are on the right track for sure . . .

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the return of Devin Lauderdale and his return to the team after being relegated (no longer on the team) for the spring semester.

The Tech wide receiver spent six lonely months away from the program after being suspended from the university at the end of the fall semester. That meant he missed the Texas Bowl, played in his hometown. He missed spring practice.

Really, he missed everything.

“It was hard. It was embarrassing,” Lauderdale said Sunday. “You can’t come up. You can’t step foot on campus. You can’t really bond with your teammates anymore. They don’t feel like your teammates. You can’t talk to them. They’re always at practice. They were in spring football.

“I’m just happy to be back with them, glad to get that connection back with everybody, be that vocal leader in the locker room.”

OC Eric Morris mentioned in some interview I watched about how Lauderdale apparently had a bit of a mouth, talking back to the strength coach last year and that sort of thing. Apparently that’s stopped, which I would imagine that Rusty Whitt isn’t taking flak from anyone.

LAJ’s Don Williams also has a notebook from the first practice, discussing the fact that Cody Wheeler got the first team reps at left guard for this practice.

Also of note is the fact that the mysterious SEC transfer is NOT Maurice Smith, like I mistakenly thought, but it is actually Willie Sykes, a transfer from Arkansas who is walking on this year along with Kaleb Smith and both want to return to Texas and they want to earn that scholarship (I thnk they are both walking on to earn scholarships).

Also discussed is Houston Miller sleeping in the locker room and how Kingsbury wasn’t aware that Miller had done that. Also talked about how hard he goes each and every play.

RRS’s Will McKay has a non-transcript that’s longer than mine from above and a bit more detailed. I tend to just run through mine once and that’s all I usually have time to do.

Can’t wait to get to practice.

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