Practice Report: Flicka Da Wrist and Recapping Practice 4

A ridiculous amount of information as we recap day 4 of preseason camp and watch Patrick Mahomes flicka da wrist.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury after practice non-transcript:

Luke Stice is doing well, adjusting to playing linebacker, high energy and high motor guy, just need to get him more reps . . . hope the defensive line is progressing, I think they are making strides, adding Kolin Hill and Ondre Pipkins and some of those freshman, they’re doing well . . . Tony Brown has been good, he’s been healthy, it will be a good competition between him, Derrick Willies and Devin Lauderdale . . . good competition at Y-receiver, at any receiver spot, no one is entrenched . . . Theirry Nguema is having a great camp, is bigger stronger and faster, D.J. Polite-Brayhas made big strides . . . I think there has been a lot of energy, lots of competition, both sides has some leadershipt that both sides . . . I think we’re all-in the playbook, offensively we’re all-in and presume Gibbs is the same way . . . Quinton White will be very versatile, will play off-back fullback, play some slot, not sure where all we’ll use him, but he’ll get plays. . . we tackled more than we did this spring, forced tackles, kind of slowed the game down and just seeing how they responded and it went well this spring and we’ll do it again this camp . . . Christian Taylor has moved down as a linebacker, he’s been good, not in space as much, will see how he does, more of a Will linebacker . . . the freshmen D-line is big in numbers and get after people and those long wideouts have done some good things . . . Joe Wallace he is really turned on since pads are on, not afraid to mix it up and get in a couple of fights and not afraid to back down from anyone . . . adding Ole Miss to the schedule, that’s a Kirby Hocutt deal, it will be an exciting game for our fans, it will be a great game . . . really well so far for the offensive line, we’re not stressing as much as others, Terence Steele is going to be a good player and just figuring out that 5th piece, it will be a solid line, the depth is not sure . . . I think Justin Murphy would be the swing guy at tackle. . . after the scrimmage we’ll figure out the 5th starter on the offensive line . . . go 100 plays and then situational . . . Adaryan Jones second team cornerback, he was a scholarship player at New Mexico State and transfer and sat out last year, from South Lake Carroll, doesn’t back down from anyone, not afraid to mix it up, a solid guy . . . I think more discipline and more chippiness, will get it straightened out by Saturday . . .

Breiden Fehoko and Justus Nelson after practice non-transcript:

Justus Nelson: Played it last year, but have a lot of guys that can play different positions . . . Intensity has been extremely high . . . have the best receivers and a lot of competition and it will pay off for us . . . Nguema Theirry has made some plays and a good week, Tevin Madison has had a lot of turnovers . . . Madison has been working everything, just have the best 5 DB’s on the field . . . the physicality, we’re going hard, we’re not letting up, still hitting and still focused, the physicality will be the biggest difference . . . the freshmen are coming along, Gibbs and Scott will get them right . . . Tony Brown is having a real good camp as is Jonathan Giles, they’re all making us compete . . .

Breiden Fehoko: a lot of depth at defensive line, pushing at rush end and really good to add guys like that . . . guys like Pipkin and Hill has helped us a bunch, coming from blue chip programs, to have the energy they bring each day . . . working with Kevin Patrick it’s been a grind, we focus on the small things, focus on the basics are going to win us games last year . . . the batted balls, we have a personal goal to get at least 2 each team period, today we had 4 or 5, the emphasis has been good . . . I think the biggest difference will be experience, having guys like Malik Jenkins, Keenon Ward and Justice Nelson, not going to put any big expectations on us, but excited to see us play . . . I love when the offense and defense get after each other, and the chippiness shows that the guys are out here to get better . . . have learned the most from Pip and Kolin is the same attitude, worry about the now and work every day and has been instilled each day . . . I like the freshman class at linebacker, guys like Brayden Stringer and Johnathan Picone has been here and Jordyn Brooks have come on well . . .

Flicka da wrist.

I think contrats are in order for Ja’Deion High who received a handful of congratulatory tweets and appears that he is now on scholarship. Congrats to Ja’Deion! Well-deserved.

LAJ’s Don Williams has a notebook and takes a closer look at CB Theirry Nguema and CB D.J. Polite-Bray, as mentioned above. Additionally, Kingsbury later addressed the absence of WR Derrick Willies who has some sort of hand injury that should have him back next week:

“He’s been out here running routes on his own, doing some things, conditioning,” Kingsbury said, “and he’ll be back with us the beginning of next week.”

Williams also notes that Reginald Davis, Quinton White, Caleb Woodward and Theirry Nguema are all set to graduate on Saturday, which is great for all of those guys. Williams also mentions that Payton Hendrix is backing up Jah’Shawn Johnson and Kisean Allen is backing up Keenon Ward.

RRS’s Will McKay also has a notebook of things and has lots of notes as to where players are running, first team or second team and things like that. Also, there was this note about the gauntlet drill at the end of the opening team period:

– On defense, newcomers such as defensive back Desmon Smith, defensive end Clarence Henderson, linebacker Jordyn Brooks and JUCO transfer nose tackle Mych Thomas were tasked with completing the gauntlet. Brooks was extremely impressive in the drill, mowing through the defenders that tried to slow him down.

– Offensively, junior wideout Dylan Cantrell was the standout, plowing through a number of his receiver teammates, including Devin Lauderdale, who wasn’t too happy about getting mowed over by the bigger receiver.

Get to know freshman WR Antoine Wesley. The height on some of those jumps.


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