Practice Report: Offensive Line Shaking Out; Shimonek Performs Well in Camp

We check in on yesterday’s practice as head coach Kliff Kingsbury discussed the offensive line and how Nik Shimonek has performed as a backup quarterback.

Kliff Kingsbury’s post practice non-transcript:

Kliff Kingsbury: Justin Stockton is just more precautionary, Corey Dauphine is the same deal . . . T.J. Vasher is the same deal, start executing our game play on Thursday, so just want to get them to that point . . . Terence Steele and Madison Akamnonu were at tackles today, Paul Stawarz at center and Baylen Brown and Justin Murphy at the guards, Tony Morales is rotating in along with Travis Bruffey . . . just trying to get Tony back caught up . . . Stawarz played center in high school and JUCO . . . Bruffey needs to get stronger, comes to him easily, played baseball in high school . . . Bruffey won’t redshirt, we’re going to try to get these guys playing time as we have a big group of offensive linemen coming in mid-year . . . I think our big scrimmage was on Saturday, we do same situation like the NFL, we’ll simulate a game week coming up . . . Nik Shimonek has done great, been very impressed, protected the ball well, he’s gotten more and more comfortable, we have three guys with a fourth guy who is close in executing the offense . . . Quinton White has really emerged, he’s caught passes, played special teams, he’s taking on a bigger leadership role . . . Brayden Stringer and Jordyn Brooks, both really have a nose for the football, they both see it quickly, they’re going to play a bunch on special teams . . . Jordyn can start, but not right now, but wouldn’t bet against it . . . having a strength and conditioning coach touches your players more than anyone else, it is invaluable, he’s been great and we’re excited to have him . . . [was asked if he had $600,000 to pay a strength and conditioning coach, would he pay it to Whitt] if I had it, I’d pay it . . . Desmon Smith is more game ready at corner, we’ll do some things to help him play safety, at corner, he can get his hands on people . . . Derrick Willies is back full strength, good competition at X-receiver position and DeQuan Bowman has a ways to go . . . Rusty, growing up with that sort of discipline in my life, I had some people in my life call on his behalf, we were fortunate to get him . . .

Texas Tech made four players available to the press after practice, Derrick Willies, Malik Jenkins, Talor Nunez and Ian Sadler. This is their non-transcripts:

Derrick Willies: summer has been good as has fall camp . . . time out with injury didn’t set me back, coach has done a good job of keeping me in everything . . . competition at X-receiver has been great, has pushed each other . . . Whitt has been great, he’s changed things around, held guys more accountable, pushed guys and got guys to do a lot of things that they didn’t think they could do . . . jumping the box, Whitt probably wouldn’t want me doing it, but getting guys to do things they didn’t think they could do . . . just getting back into the groove of things . . . leaving Iowa, didn’t feel comfortable, wanted something better, didn’t have anything to do with playing time . . . making sure that everyone is getting the ball . . . Mahomes and I are real close, hang out each day . . . same thing with Shimonek, I’m always with him, I’m like a brother to his family . . .

Malik Jenkins: the energy is getting better each week . . . Jordyn Brooks is repping with the 1’s and 2’s, Stringer has done a good job and Picone coming in earlier, it’s good to have those guys coming in . . . Brooks, is big, just adjusting to the speed of college ball, he already has an eye for the ball . . . Stice is a blue collar kid, high motor, he is the type that will always be in the pack, try to have everyone on the defense that way . . . we had a great scrimmage on Saturday, just try to get better, Spavital talks about fixing two things each practice, we still have more things to get better at, but we are taking steps to get better . . . during practice today, caused fumble, had a R.J. Hester pick-six, plays corner, Gibbs tries to have all the guys be able to play both cornerback and safety . . . Whitt , I’m physically and mentally better than I ever has been, gaining 20 pounds, I’m ready to take on the linemen much more than before . . . we’re going to be ready and the fourth quarter, we plan on dominating the whole game, but the fourth quarter we want to dominate . . . feel that all of the linebackers are over 220 . . .

Talor Nunez: just being more disciplined, very simple, we just have to do our job and that’s what Gibbs tells us each day . . . moving around a lot during camp, really open for anything at any position . . . no speed rush packages, we start game week tomorrow . . . honestly, just whatever the team needs, I’m just excited to be out there, I’m going to give my all every single play . . . the camaraderie, we take care of each other and hang out together, knowing that we’re there for each other, we can trust each other . . . very simple, bigger, stronger and faster, Salwasser is a genius at speed training, it is showing out on the field, more competition, have had guys coming stronger than before . . . I would agree, we have been the smaller team, we would pride ourselves on being smaller and faster, but now, we’re excited to get after it . . . coaches are still surprised that I can still jump hurdles, I know I can jump over them, I can do them, just not that fast . . . straining hamstring in high school was God’s way of telling me that I needed to play football . . .

Sadler: Jonathan Giles will start, we’ll rotate in with the ones every few plays . . . Giles starts because he’s faster . . . we have a great relationship, we’re always pushing each other to the limits . . . he’s gotten a lot better, you’ll see when Saturday comes around . . . knee has felt good recently . . . Willies is a big presence, DeQuan has done well, he’s faster than me, he’s still getting into the flow of the system . . . the freshmen kids, Derrick, Vasher’s wingspan is insane, his hips go up to the middle of my stomach . . . this camp, the defense has looked really good, very excited to get into the season . . . I would for sure say size and strength, we gained a lot f weight . . . going into games there were teams that were bigger and now we feel we can match up with anyone . . . what I’ve done here it has been fun, the best player has to play, if it is Giles, then it’s him, if not, then it’s me . . . ready for game week, getting into game prep is a nice feeling, ready for it to be here . . .

Had some thoughts that would maybe make good discussion points and would love for you to add your own as I’m running short on time. I didn’t have any internet access where I stay and so I listened to the videos on my phone, typed everything out and then put it on a jump drive where I was able to post at work.

  • The thing that popped out to me was Jenkins saying that all of the defensive backs prep to play both cornerback and safety. R.J. Hester got a pick in the scrimmage (I think) and he’s a former inside receiver, about 5’8″ and Jenkins said that Gibbs cross-trains his guys to play both corner and safety. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like that before, that it’s almost always one or the other, but not training for both.
  • Kingsbury brought up Desmon Smith playing both cornerback and safety, saying that Smith’s physicality would work better for him at cornerback than at safety and they can help him a bit more if he’s playing cornerback rather than safety.
  • This is the first time that Kingsbury has acknowledged that there is a big offensive line class coming in for the 2017 class that some of them should get here in January, which means he’s got to take the redshirt off of some of the offensive linemen and get their clocks started, otherwise, there’s going to be a log-jam. Bruffey is the only guy that they’ve mentioned thus far as playing as a true freshman and it will be interesting to see who else gets the call.
  • Sadler didn’t seem too upset about Giles starting over him and seemed ot have a good nature about it, or as good of an attitude as could be expected. I would think that you’ll see the top two at each spot rotate in and out with regularity, that the starter will be in name only, and the two-deep will all pretty much get equal reps.

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