The Morning Stake: August 25th

Lady Raider Basketball

Day 9 brought to you by Ionna McKenzie and Arella Guirantes.

And day 10 brought to you by Recee Caldwell, Jada Terry and Erin Degrate:


Newcomers on the team Kylie Rittimann and Chandler Atwood.


Newcomers on the team Caroline Paulette and Brittany Maldonado.


RRS’s Will McKay talks with forward Zach Smith about the adjustment to Chris Beard as well as getting bigger (he’s currently at 218, but wants to get to 225). There’s lots there, but here’s Smith on the one player that’s impressed him the most thus far:

“I think they’ve all honestly impressed me the most with their ability to hop into a new system, hop into a new environment. I think Niem (Stevenson) has really impressed me so far. His game is just very smooth, and his ability to make plays is impressive.”


Get to know defensive back Kevin Moore and yes, I believe he is playing defensive back until he can gain some weight and play linebacker.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how he asked a staff member who the next All-American could be (other than Patrick Mahomes) and they said T.J. Vasher. There’s other stuff there too, more Williams opining on a few topics, like how Jacarthy Mack hasn’t been able to get on the field despite coaches loving how he plays (he’s just not big enough) and the completion of the north endzone.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the childhood journeys of Lonzell Gilmore, and how he and his family moved as a result of Katrina and had his eye on Louisiana during their recent storms. At the end of the story, Williams notes that Gilmore is back at defensive end after spending time at defensive tackle and Gilmore says that he’s grateful he played tackle:

“I’m actually grateful I played tackle,” he said. “It made me tougher. Dealing with those double teams every play, I got a new respect for that position. It made me become a hard defensive end.”

The 6-foot-3 redshirt freshman has grown to 255 pounds — about 40 more than when he arrived — and started training for a spot. Given the not-ideal circumstances of his redshirt year and the presence of Kolin Hill and Zach Barnes ahead of him at defensive end, Gilmore will need more time to develop.

I’m pretty much in shock as FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman predicted the order of finish for the Big 12 and has Texas Tech at 2nd? Yeah, not a typo.

I’m expecting a big year from QB Patrick Mahomes, who has a ton of ability and will continue to blossom in Kliff Kingsbury’s system. The defense, which has been atrocious, will be a little better, although that may not be saying too much. David Gibbs worked some wonders in Houston and I expect him to get things going some here.

CBS Sports has their college football expert picks and Texas Tech does get some love in regards to being a bit of a darkhorse or underrated thus far. They also have their superlatives and preseason awards that mentions Patrick Mahomes a few times.

Our pal David Ubben penned a piece for Sports Spotlight and predicted the order of finish in the Big 12, with TCU winning it all and Texas Tech finishing 5th overall.

So fresh an dso clean.

Here’s the new and improved double-t in the north endzone.

Miscellaneous . . . ESPN’s Jake Trotter wonders if adding Houston will mean that the Big 12 will then own the SEC and the answer is no, probably not. Much of winning in ratings is dependent upon timing of the games and the Big 12 was pushed down on a near weekly basis. Could it help some? Sure, but let’s not act like the Cougars are some sort of ratings bonanza . . . I didn’t get a chance to post LAJ’s Don Williams and RRS’s Will McKay’s notebooks from Tuesday night, but there they are . . .

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