The Morning Stake: August 30th


The four captains were announced, Luke Stice, Baylen Brown, Justis Nelson and Patrick Mahomes (love Stice’s Twitter handle):

Congrats are in order to Manny Ramirez who was named the Director of Player Development:

Ramirez, who retired from active NFL duty this summer after nine seasons, will serve as an academic liaison for the football staff where he will help develop life skills curriculum and coordinate all community service activities for the program.

Ramirez just retired after a nine year NFL career that saw him play for the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos.

Vice Sports’ Ian Boyd, who also writes for Football Study Hall, takes a look at what makes Patrick Mahomes such a special quarterback and the future of quarterbacks:

Spread teams are starting to look for players defined more by what they can do with their arms and legs on the move than how they look standing tall in the pocket; height and vision are helpful, but the less-tangible, impossible-to-miss elements that Mahomes brings deserve to be valued more highly than they traditionally have been. The Air Raid spread offense has always been a great equalizer, but it may have even more untapped upside as its practitioners continue to evolve the system to suit the talents of versatile, multi-sport stars like Patrick Mahomes.

This has been Kingsbury’s thought process for a while, which is he wants a quarterback that can get out of bad situations with his wheels.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the freshman linebackers, Jordyn Brooks, Johnathan Picone and Brayden Stringer all getting an opportunity with the release of the recent depth chart. Defensive coordinator David Gibbs is ready to see these guys play:

“I know this: I saw all three of those guys run around and tackle people in high school with my own two eyes,” Gibbs said this month. “So odds are, when they come to college, at least I know they can run around and tackle people.

“Now, will they be ready to tackle the two dudes at Oklahoma (Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon), the two dudes at Texas (D’Onta Foreman and Chris Warren)? Who knows. At least I know they have the ability to do that, so I’m excited about those guys.”

Get to know freshman receiver T.J. Vasher:

The official site released their game notes for the SFA game. These are not overly exciting.

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