Depth Chart Released; Pay Attention to the Two-Deep

We take a look at the newly released depth chart and would ask you not to pay a lot of attention to it.

Texas Tech released their depth chart yesterday and let’s take a look and formulate some thoughts on what to think of the depth chart.

The Offense

The line is the biggest thing and it looks exactly like it did before we got the news that Madison Akamnonu would maybe start at right tackle, shifting Baylen Brown to to center, Terence Steele to left tackle and then figuring out left guard from there.

I think the offensive line is going to be a bit fluid for a while and we’ll see a bunch of these guys flowing in and out for the SFA game. I think Lee Hays wants to see how these guys will react to a live situation and there is no substitute for a real game.

I’m not at all surprised by the receivers and I really don’t think it is going to matter all that much in terms of who gets the start and who is running second team. They’re all going to play. I think it was Ian Sadler that he said that they play a few plays and then they get replaced. And the depth chart says that Sadler is starting over Jonathan Giles. Again, I don’t think this is a big deal. They’ll all get somewhat equal reps.

The Defense

Not a ton of movement here, but Mychealon Thomas has moved his way into the two-deed, which I think is a bit different than before.

The big move is that freshman Jordyn Brooks is starting at middle linebacker and Luke Stice has ceded his spot to the true freshman. I think it was Zach Spavital who said that Stice was cross-training at multiple positions. Without a doubt, you’l see Stice in the mix and Johnathan Picone to a lesser extent. The other thing that this doesn’t mention is that hybrid spot and I wish they would go ahead and list it. Guys like Jamile Johnson and Christian Taylor. I’m more interested in how much those guys play.

Much of the same can be said about the cornerbacks, where I think we’ll see a heavy rotation of Nguema, Banks and Polite-Bray as the cornerbacks who see the most time. This is as expected.

Parting Thoughts

One last thing is that Kingsbury doesn’t give a flip about the published depth chart and after today or maybe next week, that the depth chart won’t change even though it’s changing on the field. The official release of Texas Tech’s depth chart carries almost zero weight as far as I’m concerned. It’s generally correct, but don’t bet your mortgage on it.

The one thing I would do is pay attention to the two-deep, of all of the things that you should pay attention to, I would pay attention to that. The only question is Ethan Smith as the back-up right tackle when Hays and Kingsbury has spoken about Travis Bruffy.


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