5 Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 69, SFA 17

Texas Tech found themselves on the right side of a big-time win over Stephen F. Austin.

This is your post game thread and five thoughts.

  1. I have no idea what you all thought about the offensive line, and yes, there were certainly rough patches, but I really do think that the offensive line is pretty darned athletic and they they zone block, they look terrific. It seems that the pressure that caused the quarterbacks some issues were the direct result of just missing assignments and I bet a lot of that gets corrected by next week. Even then, it helps a ton to have someone like Patrick Mahomes running around back there and is maybe a reason why Kingsbury has valued guys that can escape and make plays.
  2. I really can’t remember the last time that a Texas Tech defense stopped an opponent on 4th down so close to the goal line. It seems like in the past, those sorts of plays never happened.
  3. Patrick Mahomes is pretty special and don’t you dare take him for granted. Mahomes had 483 yards passing with 4 touchdowns in the air, 57 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. He’s truly special and you should soak up every minute.
  4. I think the defensive line has some difference makers, starting with Ondre Pipkins, Kolin Hill and Gary Moore. They just might be difference makers. And keep in mind that we’re basing all of this on playing SFA, so grain of salt, but they made plays and they made stops and they allowed the linebackers to make plays. That’s progress and as jaded as we might be, don’t take that away from them.
  5. This was a dominating effort and one that I was quite glad to see the team exhibit, largely on the back of Mahomes. That’s Texas Tech’s fate and you’re going to have to be good with that. Mahomes is the one that drives this machine.

I can’t wait to bring you 10 Things tomorrow.

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