Let’s Talk About Stats: Louisiana Tech Bulldogs vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

Let’s talk about stats, you and me, let’s talk about stats.

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

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Traditional Stats

traditional-stats-la-techOffensively, these two teams look to be on pretty even footing. Keep in mind that Louisiana Tech benched their passing quarterback for Arkansas, and he more than made up for it against Sout Carolina State. The freshman that started against Arkansas was not close to the passer that the senior is.

Still, the Texas Tech offense is lights out despite not having a running game. Almost 8 yards a play is ridiculous. And the points per play is pretty special too. The troublesome aspect of the offense’s statistics is the third down conversion rate. Both games Texas Tech was just a shade under 50%, so this is actually a good representation of both games. Oh, and that Red Zone success is pretty legit.

Defensively, so, we do have screen shots of what we got to post last week. There really isn’t anything here that’s all that encouraging, except for that things are somewhat between the pendulum of a great effort against SFA and a terrible effort against ASU. Things aren’t terrible yet, but they could be terrible if Louisiana Tech has a field day.

Advanced Stats

advanced-stats-la-techThe advanced stats are really terrific offensively. The stats that stink, just to get those out of the way, are the field position, which is accurate, or at least it feels accurate, and the RushingIsoPPP, which is more or less about explosiveness and it makes sense that there hasn’t hardly been any explosive running plays. Maybe that will change this week in some form or fashion.

Louisiana Tech is still trying to figure out where they are at, which isn’t surprising considering their situation. The scary statistic is that Louisiana Tech is great at explosive passing plays. Watch out for that on Saturday.

The defensive statistics are ugly for Texas Tech, there’s really nothing that’s good here for Texas Tech after last week. It’s time to turn some things around. Louisiana Tech on the other hand does have some good stats, limiting explosive plays, which is something to watch, as well as winning the battle in field position and being terrific in both rushing and passing explosive plays. The Bulldogs keep things in front of them.


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