2017 G Jarrett Culver Commits to Texas Tech

Chris Beard adds a huge commitment to the basketball program.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for Chris Beard as he’s already secured the commitments of two junior college players, Hyron Edwards and Jordan Brangers, but last night, Coronado’s Jarrett Culver committed to Texas Tech (in the most fun and happy way I’ve seen in a long time and I’m pretty sure his mom stole the show):

Culver is 6’6″ and 180 and has grown into an off-guard after growing up as a point guard. Culver was offered by a handful of teams, including Texas, Baylor, TCU, Illinois, Memphis, and Oklahoma State. This is really a big commitment for Texas Tech as Culver was probably initially a Longhorn lean before Chris Beard was involved. For whatever reason, Tubby Smith didn’t offer Culver until relatively late in his recruiting process, something that puzzled lots in our circle. It simply didn’t make sense. Within a day of Beard getting the job at Texas Tech, Beard made Culver a priority, something that I don’t think that Smith ever actually did.

Not only that, this is a huge commitment because Culver is from Texas Tech’s own back yard. That’s a big deal.


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