Practice Report: Mahomes Has a Chance

original-double-t Head coach Kliff Kingsbury was made available to the media and here’s a non-transcript:

Kliff Kingsbury: Doesn’t know a percentage of K-State using fullback, but he has touched the ball more in the past, he’s a good player and a heady player but definitely a bit part of the game plan. . . match-up between offensive line and K-State’s defensive line . . . we’ll find out about the offensive line, wasn’t pleased with how we played last week, it is going to be a big challenge, they do a lot with the 4 man front . . . as to what it would take to get a QB ready to go, for this “one” just get on the bus on Saturday from the hotel, that’s where we’re at, we’re not there yet, if he can throw and we can keep him out of harm’s way, I’m not sure we can do that, there’s a chance . . . Mahomes didn’t do much today, a lot of mental preparation . . . K-State thrives off of turnovers and getting you on 2nd and 3rd and long, last year we were in front of the chains and not turning the ball over, defensively, have to man up, it’s a man’s game . . . regarding play-action and run-fakes, definitely has, to adjust to run-pass options and seeing some those things, quarterbacks have done a nice job of recognizing . . . just seeing some success around the league, just watching film, just some of the offenses I learn from each year, and we really emphasized that this year . . . in today’s college football, holding anyone under 20 points, it was a nice step and need some more turnovers, but did a good job and the guys up front handled themselves well . . . it is going to be in the trenches, both sides of the ball, we’ll have our work cut out for us . . . I think the penalties, we really had a heart-to-heart about that as an offense, we had 20 in 2 games, that’s insane, just a lack of discipline and have focused on tightening things up and hope that shows on Saturday . . . penalty on Morales, he’s pulling and trying to create, and Mahomes maybe held onto the ball a little too long, you kinda take good with the bad, we’ll live with some of those, but a couple of them you can’t live with, we need to adjust to it . . . a heart-to-heart experience is pretty deep . . . Nic Shimonek, it is his fearlessness, his reads and his practices translates to the game, he cut it loose, that is what I was most impressed by . . .

Just to break this down, it sounds as if Patrick Mahomes didn’t take any reps today and I would guess that he doesn’t need any reps at this point of the year. Still, if Mahomes can’t take any reps, it probably lends oneself to think that Mahomes won’t be able to go this week.

It was also interesting that Don Williams asked Kingsbury about RPO’s, which is what all of the cool kids call run-pass-option on a particular play and Williams noting that Texas Tech has utilized more RPO’s in their game plan this year. When talking to your buddies, make sure and just drop the phrase RPO and you’ll increase your cool quotient significantly.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams recaps the press conference and in addition to Kingsbury’s presser, he was also able to talk with DE Kris Williams, who is tied for the Big 12 with 4 sacks, which is good to read since we don’t hear from him all that much.

original-double-tRRS’s Will McKay recaps the presser and has additional quotes from DT Breiden Fehoko and LB Malik Jenkins. Fehoko said that the key to the defense will be the line making sure the linebackers are clean:

“It’s important up front that we allow our linebackers to roam free and make tackles. That’s going to be the key to this game. I think that was the key last year too when we played K-State was holding up blocks, owning that line of scrimmage. Kansas State is that kind of school that will come out, hit you in the mouth, keep pounding, pounding, pounding, and then toss it up.”

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams talked with new starting safety, Kisean Allen, and why he wasn’t recruited much his senior year:

“My recruiting situation didn’t go as planned,” he said, “because I only played one year of varsity football. I played my freshman year, and after my freshman year I didn’t play for two years. I came back senior year and had a good year, but I didn’t get recruited, obviously, because you get recruited off your junior year. But I knew what I had in me, so I didn’t mind coming to Tech and walking on and working hard to get where I’m at.”

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