The Morning Stake: October 5th

This Happened

original-double-t Seriously, our friends at Evie Mae’s BBQ made a poster of Brian’s Handsome Touchdown Boys! So awesome!




original-double-t Cody Wheeler confirmed on Twitter that he is giving up his career playing football due to concussions:

I hope Wheeler continues his education at Texas Tech, regardless, we thank Wheeler for all his hard work and effort.

original-double-tESPN’s Mitch Sherman talks a bit with QB Nic Shimonek, the possible starting quarterback this week against Kansas State and Shimonek’s work ethic and free-spirit attitude is what got him here today:

“Nic’s a free spirit,” the coach said. “He’s kind of his own cat, dresses a certain way and wears his hair a certain way and has got his tattoos and everything.”

When Shimonek landed in Lubbock in the summer of 2014, Texas Tech coaches knew little of him.

“But what jumped out to me was his work ethic,” Kingsbury said. “From day one, he worked as hard as anyone on our team. That impressed his teammates and impressed his coaches. He just got better and better and learned the offense and made himself into the player he is.”

original-double-t Touchdown Tuesday takes a look at the Nic Shimonek seam route pass to Keke Coutee. The thing I didn’t catch until this time was Justin Stockton’s pick-up of the defensive end, which was huge.

original-double-t I’m not real sure this is how a Title IX office is supposed to work but I’m guessing that the coordinator is not supposed to be offered money for their silence and in the alternative, that the coordinator is not supposed to extort $2 million from the university. Sounds like things are going great:

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Patrick Mayhorn on wha was learned from week 5 in the Big 12 . . . Campus Insiders’ Rich Cirminiello previews Texas Tech and K-State and predicts a Kansas State win . . . ESPN’s Mitch Sherman and Max Olson run through what’s been the most surprising things this year in the Big 12 and Olson has a few Texas Tech items . . . ESPN’s Max Olson has a Twitter mailbag and answers some Texas Tech question by a guy named Spencer . . .

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