Five Post Game Thoughts: Oklahoma 66, Texas Tech 59

  1. Patrick Mahomes was unbelievable. I am nearly positive that there will be people that will complain that he missed too many passes and that Nik Shimonek would have had 900 yards, but I’m just going to ignore you. Mahomes was unbelievable and if I can’t convince you of that then I’m sorry (not sorry).
  2. I’m writing this before the game is over, but the Texas Tech defense gave up over 60 points and if you at all thought that the defense might be turning a corner this season, I’m sorry, but the defense is simply just terrible and I know the Oklahoma offense is good, but son of a son. No.
  3. If anything, I think this maybe solves the eternal question, which is that there is no question that Texas Tech got the better end of the deal in terms of quarterback and Oklahoma has the better team. It’s really that simple.
  4. It turns out that the opening drive in the second half was a pretty big deal.
  5. I’m exhausted and I have to write 10 things about this game tomorrow morning. This was an exhausting game because it was a Loyola-Marymount game with Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble.
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