The Morning Stake: October 28th



Red Raider Basketball


original-double-t RRS’s Aaron Dickens recaps head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s appearance on Re Raider Football with Kliff Kingsbury and Chris Level and there wasn’t anything ground-breaking, but still a good read.

original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how the fan behavior is becoming an issue:

So here’s the conclusion: The crowd can be just as loud, just as effective without the profanity. And we’re for students, by the way. I think they need more reserved seats. One of the perks of going to Tech should be admission to every football game you want to see. No student should ever be turned away at the gate.

But c’mon. Cheapening the fight song, in particular, insults generations of Tech grads who came before.

But that has to be communicated in a way that reaches the target audience and makes the guilty parties rethink. On that front, I got nothing. Schovanec and Hocutt either have to get creative, or they’re fighting a losing battle.

original-double-t Interesting Q&A from DMN’s Chuck Carlton on the Big 12’s decision not to expand and if any of your OU friends are complaining about why the Big 12 didn’t expand, well, Carlton is reporting it was Oklahoma that didn’t want to dilute the product:

Carlton: A group at Oklahoma worried about diluting the Big 12 even more by expansion. Not everyone agrees with it but there was certainly concern. Texas was at best ambivalent on expansion. The big question is why the other eight schools couldn’t unite to make money off expansion and try to strengthen the conference if Texas and/or Oklahoma leave after the 2024-25 season. If the answer is football recruiting in Houston, that’s remarkably short-sighted.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown predicts this week’s big games including Texas Tech-TCU . . . DMN’s Brandon Soliz previews and predicts the game as well . . . Sports Spotlight’s David Ubben predicts this week’s Big 12 games and he is definitely suggesting you take the over . . .

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