Hivemind: Number of Wins for 2017

We talked a little bit on Monday about expectations (and we’ll talk a bit more about them for the Emergency Roundtable as well), but I wanted to get your general thoughts on what you think the minimum number of games that Texas Tech needs to win next year in order to be happy about the state of the program.

For me, it’s 8, although I think Kliff Kingsbury is safe at 7 wins. One of the questions posed to me when I wrote this in the comments earlier this week was what happens if there are severe injuries or suspensions or something that would give a reason for the team not to achieve 7 wins. And I think Kingsbury would agree with me (maybe) in that at some point you have to own it, you have to own the program and you have to say that this is your team and your guys and at some point, you have to have a team set to be able to play through those things. That’s the deal, right?

But I’m just a lowly blogger and my opinion is as good as yours. So, let’s hear it, what’s your minimum for number of wins next year?

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