The Morning Stake: December 1st

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original-double-t If you’ve ever said that you can’t.

original-double-t RRS’s Drew Kohnle with a nice breakdown of potential JUCO targets, which includes quarterback, running back, possibly defensive end, linebacker and possibly defensive back. The key here is that I think the staff all wants these guys to be December enrollees. The defensive ends are new, so I’ll quote that, but there’s a lot of info there so check it out:

The Tech staff needs to absolutely bring in a pass rusher for spring ball. In fact, getting a December graduate JUCO at defensive end is one of the biggest priorities for the Tech coaches; however, not one JUCO defensive end holds an offer currently. Berry and Scott are the two top targets here, with Berry looking like the most likely as he is expecting a visit from coach Patrick soon. If the coaches decline on offering Berry, Scott, or some other JUCO DE they feel comfortable with (Alton Robinson, maybe?) you have to think they feel good about landing some pass rushers from the high school ranks on signing day.

original-double-t As the silly season continues with coaching, Chad Morris signed a 3 year extension with SMU and will be there until 2023 (or until he leaves for some other school) and now that means that Baylor is still going afer Sonny Dykes and ESPN’s Mark Schlabach is throwing all sorts of shade Baylor’s way as he thinks that that Colorado’s McIntyre isn’t coming to Baylor, that North Carolina’s Larry Fedora is not a real candidate and neither is Philip Montgomery. The Baylor responses are equally salty. So it seems that lots of Baylor fans tend to have their sights set on an established head coach, anything less is just not acceptable and are somewhat scoffing at the idea of hiring up-and-coming Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson (who even played at Baylor). I don’t know, there just seems to be a lot of confidence / arrogance.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . via Deadspin, Baylor didn’t order a full Pepper-Hamilton report because it would have been too expensive and too much would have been redacted / wanking motion / . . .

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