Texas Tech Football: Assistant Coach Salaries

Yeah, I’m giving you all one more time to not be real pleased with where Texas Tech is in terms of their assistant coach pool, as published by USA Today on an annual basis. A couple of caveats here are that Baylor and TCU are not listed because they are private universities and they are not required to release this information.  However, both Baylor and TCU listed a salary each, one being Phil Bennett who had a salary of almost $1.2 million and Doug Meacham with a salary of $548,000.  Presuming that those figures are remotely close to being accurate, then I would guess that both Baylor and TCU would out-pace Texas Tech for those assistant coach salaries, Baylor for sure, but maybe not with TCU.

Rank School Salary Pool
1 Texas $4,546,250.00
2 Oklahoma $4,390,900.00
3 Oklahoma State $3,283,999.00
4 Kansas State $3,203,525.00
5 Kansas $3,002,099.00
6 West Virginia $2,686,025.00
7 Texas Tech $2,511,800.00
8 Iowa State $2,318,250.00

Here are Texas Tech’s salaries:

A couple of thoughts here:

  • Yes, Texas Tech is probably 9th in the Big 12 in Big 12 assistant coach salaries and I would guess that at some point, Iowa State is going to pull ahead. I think programs are starting to realize that you typically get what you pay for.
  • However, that doesn’t always apply, i.e. see Texas. The Longhorns are likely to get things figured out so that joke or observation will only be relevant for a bit longer.
  • The columns are Rank, School, Conference, Coach, School Pay, Other Pay, Total Pay, Max Bonus, Assistant Pay Total, which means that I don’t know if those coaches earned those bonuses as I don’t know what metric was needed to earn them. It’s possible that they were already earned, I just have no idea.
  • I believe that the coaches are scheduled to earn a yearly bump in compensation because part of Kingsbury’s contract requires that a 3% increase each year, but there was one year where the increase was 6%.
  • I know that you all have more thoughts than me, it’s been this way for a handful of years and I hope that at some point, Texas Tech is somewhere in the middle at the very least, between Oklahoma State and Kansas State in terms of this assistant coach pool.
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