The Morning Stake: December 9th


ย Congrats to Gabriela Talaba for being named the Red Raider Club Student Athlete of the Month!


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Some housekeeping things. I finally updated and cleaned up the 2017 football commit table. I had neglected this and made it much shorter, the HTML for this was getting to be 25+ pages with the other table and that was getting to be too much upkeep. I’ll tackle the 2018 list tomorrow.

Remember yesterday when we were talking about Tyree Range and how DeShaun Foster was visiting another running back from another JUCO running back in California? Well, I’m hearing rumblings that current commit Tyree Range may not be part of the class much longer. We’ll deal with that, but the coaches have been adamant that these JUCO guys need to arrive in December and I’m not sure that’s going to happen with Range, plus, he had a lackluster year.

Terrific article from RRS’s Drew Kohnle as he talked to former Red Raider footballer Carlos Francis as he’s the current wide receiver coach for 2017 commit Bronson Boyd, who says that Boyd is Michael Crabtree 2.0, is a tireless worker and wants to be great:

โ€œLet me just say this about him, his competitive nature is not compartmentalized just to football, itโ€™s to life. He wants to be great at life. In light of that, the fact that he wants to be great at every single area, he does a good job of paying attention to detail. Especially in particular when we talk about on the football field. He wants to know all my secrets. Iโ€™m always like cโ€™mon kid, I canโ€™t tell you all my secrets.โ€

This was good, so make sure and read it.

New honors for QB Patrick Mahomes:

The size of the IPF is pretty remarkable and if you want to watch a construction cam then click on that link to watch steel beams being put into place.

Art Briles decided to haul off and sue three Baylor regents and the vice president for libel, slander and conspiracy from keeping Briles from getting another coaching job. When Briles wasn’t given an interview for the Houston job this seemed inevitable as Briles really thought that one offseason was plenty of off-time to rehabilitate himself. The other thing that’s interesting is that Briles is claiming that he’s a private citizen, not a public official or public figure. Oh, and Briles claims that Baylor’s actions has caused him emotional distress. The irony is rich.

The discovery in this suit is going to be off the charts.

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