Reviewing the 2016 Texas Tech Athletic Department Revenues and Expenses

The Texas Tribune compiled some data regarding the fiscal health of Texas Tech and every university in Texas. Overall, I think Texas Tech is in pretty good shape, the athletic department has hovered around the red for quite some time and it’s the same for the 2016 year as well.

That’s right, Texas Tech is about $1.4 million in the hole, which I think compares to previous year. As an aside, the data shaded in blue is just extra information that the Texas Tribune provided and thought you would appreciate the extra data. the Tribune also broke things down by gender and this is relatively unimportant to me, but since we’re here, I’m providing it.

The big takeaway is the football program, who is nearly $29 million on the plus side of things. Pay attention to the recruiting numbers, especially when we get the sports that don’t produce a ton of income. The state of the football program is in good shape I think. If it was a bit more successful, then I think we’re talking about more coaching salaries.

Basketball is also interesting in that the men’s team did make money this past year. I’m sure that the NCAA appearance helped a bit in terms of revenue last year and we’ll see how Texas Tech didn’t make the NCAA Tournament in 2017 and I’m sure that will show up next year. ┬áThe other thing would maybe be that the salaries won’t be as high because you would guess that Tubby Smith’s salary is more than Chris Beard’s.

So baseball spends a lot of money in comparison to the revenue that they pull in and that’s with an appearance at the College World Series. The other part of it is that Tadlock isn’t afraid to travel anywhere and play anyone. And Tadlock’s new salary isn’t included here either, which supposedly got a pretty significant bump. The golf teams both spend a ton of money in comparison to their revenue, which I have no idea how they earn any revenue. Soccer also spends a ton of money in comparison to the revenue.

I don’t know that I have a ton to say about these numbers. Track spends a ton of money in comparison to the revenue, but they sent a couple of folks to the Olympics.

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