The Morning Stake: May 4th

Texas Tech Sports Performance Center

Via the DT, the Texas Tech Sports Performance Center is set to still be completed by September 1st, which is kind of amazing.

Texas Tech Track and Field

Texas Tech Softball

Lady Raider Basketball

LAJ’s Carlos Silva, Jr. reports that Canyon’s Angel Hayden is set to commit to Texas Tech. Hayden’s head coach Joe Lombard, says that Hayden is one of the best to play at Canyon:

“I think it’s fair to say that she’s one of the best players to come out of Canyon,” Lombard said. “You can look at her record as a player, or anything that you want to, and realize that she’s a one-of-a-kind athlete. … Texas Tech is getting a player that can help develop a winning culture.”

Hayden was nominated to the McDonald’s All-American team and Texas Tech head coach Candi Whitaker previously played at Canyon as well.

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech beat Ohio State in Columbus yesterday, 5-3 (Recap | Box Score). They were supposed to play a two-game series, but Tuesday’s game was canceled due to weather. This game was one of those games where Tadlock wanted to just let each pitcher go about 2 innings and we saw 5 pitchers total, including an outing of Dylan Dusek where he gave up 3 hits, allowing a run in 0.2 innings. Jose Quezada earned the win, going 2.2 innings and Parker Mushinski went 1.1 innings to earn his third save of the year. Hunter Hargrove was 2-3 and scored 2 runs and Michael Berglund was 3-4 on the day with an RBI.

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Baseball American’s Teddy Cahill writes about the awesome baseball scene in Lubbock, Texas:

“We’re fortunate because it’s a great baseball town,” Tadlock said. “I think there are places that have good football, good basketball, good baseball teams, but maybe the climate, maybe the town, people just aren’t going to come. We’re fortunate that if you put the right product out there (people will come).”

Texas Tech is just one example of a school capitalizing on on-field success at the box office. A study of attendance data from around the country for the last five years revealed the strongest predictor of increased attendance was a trip to the College World Series the previous season.

D1Baseball has Texas Tech as a #3 national seed and hosting New Mexico State, New Mexico and Texas A&M, while BaseballAmerica has Texas Tech as a #6 national seed, hosting Houston, UCLA and Oral Roberts.

Texas Tech Football

I really would encourage you to go check out Rusty Whitt’s Twitter feed where you can was Nick McCann squat 500 pounds 3 times and Dylan Cantrell jerk 308 pounds and Douglas Coleman clean and jerk 308 at 188 pounds.

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds writes about the rise of the spread offense and lots of words from Washington State head coach Mike Leach:

“I think it’s mainly prognosticators, handicappers repeating dogma they’ve heard to try to sound intelligent,” Leach said. “In the end, there’s good football players and not-as-good football players. The sad truth these people dumping on this spread offense don’t want to admit is the fact that most of the NFL runs the spread offense.”

The truth of the matter, at least in my opinion is that guys like Patrick Mahomes and Davis Webb and whoever else all have pretty good arms, better arms than Graham Harrell and Kellen Moore or whoever else. That’s why spread quarterbacks are getting drafted, because they are athletically pretty darned good.

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