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The Morning Stake: May 10th

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Sorry for everything that happened yesterday. I had one of my virus protection deals on my work computer come up on the site and so I shut it down to construction mode in order to get that situation resolved. It’s somewhat amazing how you can hire someone to fix the problem and then install malware protection so that it doesn’t happen again, all in one day. So, we’ve got a firewall up now (hopefully you won’t even notice), that protects the site from hackers, spam, SQL injections, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks and bad bots. Sorry about the inconvenience yesterday, I honestly didn’t know that I needed to be doing more, but now that I’ve taken care of that, hopefully it won’t happen again (I’m at least paying to make sure it doesn’t).

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Red Raider Sports’ Will McKay talked with new preferred walk-on commit, Avery Benson from Springfield, Arkansas:

“He’s a phenomenal guy and surrounds himself with great people. When he was at Little Rock, he had all the guys bought in. We went and watched a game that year, was one of the later games,” he said. “Just how he talks to his players, how he gets them hyped up, how he treats them with such high respect. He’s like one of your best friends while also being your coach. He’s just a phenomenal guy, and he treated me like family. I wasn’t even on the team. It definitely made me feel right at home.”

“Coach Beard and Coach Burg, I’ve known them since they were at Little Rock, so definitely a great relationship there for a long time. I kind of got discouraged when he went to UNLV, but it kind of sparked back when I found out he was going to Texas Tech. I was excited about that.”

Lots of more quotes, so go check it out.

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CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds writes about how the Big 12 isn’t breaking up any time soon, but the perception is changing and this is one of those articles about how the Big 12 had a poor draft showing in the NFL Draft two weeks ago. Lots of quotes from Tom Herman, which are fine and I don’t have any problem with them. At the end of the article, Dodds writes about how Texas and Oklahoma aren’t going anywhere anytime soon:

Either school probably won’t leave anytime soon given that revenue windfall and a Big 12 binding grant of rights. But the biggest reason is competition itself.

Despite the downturn, the Big 12 remains the best place for Texas and Oklahoma to win championships. They simply wouldn’t wield their Big 12 power elsewhere.

If OU left today for the SEC, its officials would walk into conference meetings with Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee (among others). Think of Texas in the Big Ten. Michigan and Ohio State have been the big dogs there for decades.

But the decision to leave for Texas and Oklahoma may be inevitable. The consolidation of power — outside the Big 12 — continues.

Urban Meyer sent a shiver through Big 12 country in February when he walked into Texas on National Signing Day and landed three of the state’s top six prospects.


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