The Morning Stake: July 17th

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Basketball

 Incoming freshman point guard Davide Moretti is playing in that U20 European competition and here are some highlights:

 KAMC’s Andrew Doak spent some time with men’s basketball strength coach John Reilly and this is a really fun watch and you can see how hard these guys are working.

Texas Tech Football

 Saturday is now Bradley Marquez day in Odessa after he held his football camp.

And there’s a really great article in the OAOA where his former teammates helped him out, including Davis Webb, Jace Amaro, Branden Jackson and DeAndre Washington (as well as Sains’ Ashaad Mabry), where Marquez was very complimentary of those guys:

“This is something that I would’ve loved to have been a part of, to be able to stay home and have some guys in the NFL that are right here in your hometown that you can go see, all at one place,” Marquez said. “I’m thankful for those guys as well, my buddies that were able to come out help support it.”

Additionally, just the ability to be able to help the kids in Odessa was a big deal to Marquez:

And after a day of giving back, as the camp concluded, Marquez stood near midfield on his old stomping grounds and became emotional, surrounded, on all sides, by family, friends, organizers and those young campers.

“I just wanted to give back to the community that gave me so much,” he said into a microphone moments later, choking back more tears.

 Just give Dominic Panazzolo his own danged TV show right now (and the comments from the other Aussie rules punters in his mentions are pretty great).

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 LAJ’s Don Williams snapshot of defensive end Eli Howard:

“He’s a good hard-nosed guy who plays hard every snap and is relentless,” Gibbs said. “He’ll continue to get better because he’s so young and hasn’t played any football. All he’s done is practiced.

“He gives us a bigger body at that defensive end position, whereas a year ago it was Kolin Hill, who was physically overmatched at times. Eli’s a bigger body who’s stronger. He’ll have a solid year.”

 LAJ’s Don Williams snapshot of receiver Dylan Cantrell:

“He’s really done a good job improving his speed,” Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said recently. “He’s a guy that’ll play a bunch at Z (flanker). He’s big, strong, physical, will go up and get the ball. You just get it close to him.”

 Miscellaneous . . . via SI’s Michael McCann a close look at Chris Spielman’s suit against Ohio State for unauthorized use of his image:

Spielman’s 35-page complaint details how Honda-sponsored banners hung at Ohio Stadium—where the Buckeyes play their home games and which seats approximately 102,000 fans—depict Spielman and 63 other notable Buckeyes, such as Archie Griffin, Jim Stillwagon, Bill Willis and Andy Katzenmoyer. According to Spielman, these players never agreed to appear on the banners and weren’t paid by OSU, Honda or anyone else for their appearances. Essentially, Spielman is asking, shouldn’t both Ohio State and the players be paid when those players appear on banners?

Spielman’s complaint also takes aim at OSU’s license agreement with Nike. OSU and Nike have a contractual relationship to produce “Legends of the Scarlet and gray” vintage OSU jerseys, which depict, without accompanying compensation, Spielman and other former Buckeyes stars. Spielman contends that these businesses worked with OSU in an unlawful plot whereby they refused to negotiate with OSU football players, thus setting the value of those players’ identity rights—which are clearly marketable since Honda and Nike paid for them—at $0.

Honestly, I kinda see his point . . .

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