Kliff Kingsbury Mic’d Up for 2017 Preseason Practice

This was pretty entertaining and a quick run-down of items discussed:

. . . talks with Michael Mays while warming up . . . talks to a receiver and says he’s got a whole package for him (maybe T.J. Vasher?) he’s just got to work hard and catch passes after practice . . . Mych Thomas, getting hit with those DM’s after his dance performance . . . defense talk . . . talks about Dom Panazzolo’s ability to put the ball on the 6″ yard line . . . lots of defense talk and complimenting Mych Thomas . . . encourages d-line and special teams . . . coaches quarterbacks and how to move in the pocket (especially McLane Carter) . . . talks to Jamile Johnson (don’t know who K-Mo is) . . . also talks about how the special teams is going to have serious swag  this year (this thought alone is pretty incredible to consider) . . . 20 push-ups if they get in the net and Nic Shimonek makes it (push-ups are very short).

Kingsbury was fun and engaging. It’s good to see this side of him.

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