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 A couple of good tweets from yesterday (you never know what you’re going to miss on

That quote from the Chiefs is originally from Arrowhead Pride’s Joel Thorman and the the quote so you can read it here is pretty awesome:

“The kid has people’s heads spinning as far as the throws he is making,” Riddick said on ESPN. “I’m just telling you, there are people down in Kansas City who are like literally grabbing themselves around the shoulders going, ‘Let’s slow down here’. There are throws he’s making in 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 situations that, literally, they just stop the film and they go, ‘Did he just do that?’ The same kind of things you saw at Texas Tech but people were going, ‘Hey, he won’t be able to do that in the NFL. You can’t get away with that in the NFL.’

Pretty sure that’s your pants flying around the room.

 Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown has 20 things on the Big 12 and I always enjoy Brown’s writing. Here’s his bit on Texas Tech, but I recommend the whole thing:

5. Texas Tech has become one of college football’s most predictable teams, which is bad news for the future of the Kliff Kingsbury era. Kingsbury is 24-26 in four seasons. Over the past two years, the Red Raiders are 12-13 despite ranking second and fifth in scoring, as they’ve ranked 125th and 128th in points allowed. Bad defense has outweighed prolific offense: Four of those 13 losses came in games in which Texas Tech scored over 50 points. (Nobody else the past two years had more than one such game.) The Red Raiders have been burned both by opposing running games and passing games, and while they should improve at least a little bit this season, those gains could be offset by the loss of QB Patrick Mahomes on offense. Senior Nic Shimonek will surely put up big numbers and Texas Tech will continue to score plenty of points, but Mahomes was a first-round pick, and the Red Raiders also lost top receiver Jonathan Giles to a transfer. Making matters worse, the Red Raiders play Arizona State (who scored 68 against them last year) and Houston in nonconference play. It’s hard to be optimistic about significant growth on defense until we actually see it, so it’s hard to be confident about Texas Tech’s 2017 chances.

# Miscellaneous . . . via SI’s Andy Staples runs down his top 25 college town eats and chilaquiles and steak at Taqueria Jalisco made #25 . . .


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