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Lubbock Restaurant Update 2017: An Interview with Lubbock In The Loop

Lubbock in the Loop is here to help us navigate the ever-changing restaurant scene.

Every year before football season, I attempt to provide an update outlining restaurant changes that have occurred since the previous September. This is getting harder and harder to do these days, so with that in mind, I’ve reached out to Sarah and Alexa at Lubbock in the Loop for some much needed assistance.

Michael: Lubbock in the Loop does a great job of keeping up with all of the new businesses coming to town. How are you able to keep track of it all?

Sarah & Alexa: Thank you! Fortunately, we have been able to establish relationships with local developers and commercial realtors who keep us in the loop (pun intended) about new businesses coming to town. If we hear a rumor, we can reach out to them to either confirm or squash it. We never post about something before it’s okay to be made public, so that trust keeps these connections strong. I also think it helps that we have been around for over five years and provide consistent and original content.

M: For my Eats & Bounds posts, I always browse your events page to make sure I haven’t missed anything. What’s an event this Labor Day Weekend that you would like to showcase?

S&A: Many folks are out of town enjoying the last summer holiday, but if you’re in town then you are in luck! May we make a few suggestions… If you’re into art and live music, check out the First Friday Art Trail. Wake up early on Saturday to head to the Deposit District for the Downtown Farmers Market. It grows each year and this may be the best season yet! Of course, cheer on our Red Raiders at home versus Eastern Washington on Saturday afternoon. Lastly, if you’re looking for ways to beat the heat then be sure to catch a Mean Girls movie party or Terminator 2 screening at Alamo Drafthouse.

M: I would like to highlight some of the new businesses that have popped up since last football season for our readers. Which ones stand out to you the most?

S&A: As far as restaurants go, for a burger fix check out BurgerFi on 82nd and Quaker. Delicious burgers and hand-cut fries! Walk-On’s, located at West End, is a fantastic place to watch sports. We watched March Madness and the College World Series there and the environment was great! Highly recommend this place for college football season. Tons of TVs + Red Raider fans = the ultimate experience. On a coffee note, if you haven’t been to Studio 19 (near Lubbock High) then you haven’t lived. It’s such a cool little spot that’s part coffee shop, part art gallery, and part recording studio.

M: Which businesses are you most excited about opening in the next few months?

S&A: The Brewery, a new microbrewery, is opening this fall. We’re pretty excited about downtown getting another awesome new place! Rain Uptown is opening a restaurant called Rain West off of the Milwaukee corridor. Las Brisas is bringing 82nd and Quaker a seafood lounge offering delicious seafood, martini bar with grand piano, and an ultra lounge. Aside from food, I think everyone is equally excited for Adventure Park to open up.

M: Lubbock is growing and growing, but growth can have its consequences. There have been several restaurants close since last September. Which ones will you miss the most?

S&A: Abuelo’s Taqueria, the concept restaurant from Abuelo’s, was one of our favorite places. On that same line of thought, Ruby Tequila’s had a great happy hour. We miss their Ruby Tequila swirls (sangria and margarita, what else do you need?)!  We really liked Twisted Spigot – the service was always great and they offered up interesting menu choices.

M: Do you think that Lubbock is approaching a bit of a “restaurant bubble”? The demand seems to be there for new restaurants but it can be costly for many existing establishments.

S&A: The restaurant industry has gotten very competitive, especially in Lubbock. The restaurant surplus is high and staffing has become a problem. The market is so saturated that there simply aren’t enough people to staff the restaurants. As consumers, it’s great to have lots of choices but as entrepreneurs, it can be hard for a business to prosper. We hope the bubble doesn’t burst and would love to see the City address this issue. It is a serious topic that needs to be discussed.

M: What are your top three local burgers? I know this question came out of nowhere, but I just really like burgers.

S&A: Oh, this is hard… very hard. We know people are very opinionated about their favorite burgers. We’re going to say, in no particular order: Blue Sky, BushHog’s, and Caprock Cafe.

M: I’m not sure if either of you are Tech grads, but if you are, we always like to end our interviews with the same question: what does it mean to you to be a Red Raider?

S&A: We are both proud Texas Tech alumnae! We graduated from the Rawls College of Business (class of 2011 and 2012, respectively). It’s kind of cheesy, but totally true: Texas Tech University stays with you long after you graduate. Being a Red Raider means you never really have to leave college behind you because it will always be a part of you. The traditions, the tailgating, the roar inside the Jones, the beautiful campus, the super awesome fan apparel (scarlet and black are solid colors)… all reasons why it’s great to be a Red Raider – for life!

Thanks again to Alexa and Sarah for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page.


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