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Read // Isaiah Thomas wrote a wonderful piece in The Players’ Tribune about his trade from the Celtics to the Cavs, and how it hurt him as a person. He also speaks about the behind the scenes stuff that happens to a professional athlete’s family when a trade happens.

Look // Check out this preview of Shaq & John Cena swapping nicknames with one another. Come on, how do you not want to go and watch more of Carpool Karaoke: The Series?

Devour // While on our last week refuge out in New Braunfels away from Houston, we decided to take Maddie to the amazing Underground Pizza joint. It was there that I tasted some mighty fine beer on tap from the Twisted X Brewery in Dripping Springs, TX. It was called Austin Lager, and it was a fairly solid choice if you like light German style brews. The light sweetness of honey and light bitterness of hops are in perfect harmony with this beer. I would order it again, and it goes excellent with pizza.


Read // I’m currently reading a book called Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore, and I’m loving it so far. It’s about a man named Milo who has 10,000 tries to achieve “Perfection” to transcend the life/death cycle. The only problem is that he’s fallen in love with a woman named Suzie, who just so also happens to be Death. While becoming one with the universe is great, getting to be with Suzie again is the only reason Milo continues to live different lives, and reaching Perfection could mean losing her forever. The book is funny, thoughtful, and incredibly well written.

Look // I love weird British comedies, and one of my favorite British actors is Matthew Berry. Following his criminally underrated sketch series Snuff Box, Berry wrote & starred in Toast of London, which just came on Netflix. Centered around Steven Toast, a failed actor who doesn’t realize he’s a failed actor, Toast of London’s humor can be as dry as its namesake, and, as per many Berry pieces, weaves in and out of the surreal with incredible ease. If you enjoy wordplay, subtle sight gags, canals, and incredibly casual views on frequent attempted murder, check this out.

Devour // The first cold front of the year just came through, and you better believe I had my first Oktoberfest beer, or marzen. Marzens are perfect for when the weather cools off, featuring a full body, malty flavor, and if you’re lucky, a taste at the end that hints a bit of fallen crushed leaves. Saint Arnold’s iteration is what I usually go with, but I recently made a pick-6 of a bunch of different Texas takes on the style.


Read // National Geographic with what I thought was a really interesting look at how the Netherlands is becoming an agricultural giant, largely a result of extensive and well orchestrated greenhouses.

Look // I found this piece on young farmers really interesting, especially in light of the article linked above. My old man was a farmer, a different kind of farmer than most folks, but he depended on the rain and the sun and stressed when things didn’t work out like he wanted them to. Young people really aren’t farming, at least I haven’t met many that do farm that are young. It was a fun watch.

Devour // I treated myself for the first game of the year with a Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA and it was absolutely delicious. This was maybe my second favorite IPA that I’ve had and I didn’t want my six-pack to ever go away.


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