Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 52, Arizona State 45

A win is a win, but it’s not always pretty.

Five Post Game Thoughts

  1. The receivers were outstanding tonight with one-handed catches, jukes, yards-after-catch, you name it. They made play after play. Cantrell, (160 yards, 2 Passing TDs, 1 Rushing TD), Coutee (186 yards, 1 TD), Batson (59 yards, 1 TD), and Willies (56 Yards, 1 TD) all made my jaw hit the floor at one point or another. Reed, a fullback, caught a touchdown. Cantrell took a handoff for a TD.
  2. Shimonek had another solid outing. The word solid isn’t enough. This QB is fearless and really put the ball right where it needed to go while under pressure several times on three-man rushes.
  3. Remember that drive where the defense was called for 4 penalties for 47 yards? That wasn’t good. Third and 18-ish from within ASU’s own 15 turned into a touchdown. In the second half, the defense really took a step back allowing 28 points and coming up with only two stops. Luckily, the second stop came when ASU had 75 yards to go in about a minute-forty with no timeouts.
  4. The playcalling on 3rd/4th and short in the second half left me scratching my head. That 4th & 1 out of the timeout on the first drive with Stockton running outside comes to mind along with a few other 3rd and 2’s where Shimonek was asked to pass with Nisby on the sidelines.
  5. Last year, Ballage had Tech’s number. This year, it was N’Keal Harry who had 13 catches for 148 yards and a touchdown. I think Morgan was on him most of the time, but it was a group effort. Our secondary woes have not been solved.





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