Texas Tech Football Notebook: Status of Dorsey; Kicking Game Up In The Air

Check out what head coach Kliff Kingsbury had to say after practice on Sunday.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury met with the media on Sunday afternoon and this is your non-transcript from the video below.

Kliff Kingsbury: [How the offensive line did] Not bad, it was a good front, I can see that going down the road this will be something that I like but there is still a ways to go there . . .

. . . [Nic Shimonek not making bad plays] I think as a 5th year guy watching a bunch and being a big student of the game, we talk with our players that if it’s not a good play, don’t make the play the worse, keeping us out of worse adverse situations.

. . . [Status of Vaughnte Dorsey] He felt great today. No lingering affects, we’ll see where it goes from here. I don’t know exact terminology, with the hospital that was all precautionary.

. . . [Status of Talor Nunez who’s father passed away on Friday] Yeah he’s sorting things out on that end, we told him to take as much time as he needs, and when he gets things settled.

. . . [How the offense did against the Houston defense] I think so, we didn’t take advantage of things when we had them, I think we had some chances to put points on the board, we didn’t do it, they are a prideful defense, played hard and physical, lots of negative plays and lots of penalties, 12 times moving back and that’s not what we do, and those things led to a sloppy performance.

. . . [Running those zone run plays] It’s a work in progress, Coach Jones has done a great job and each week, we’ll try to be creative and throw some new stuff at them.

. . . [On Tony Jones] He’s a tremendous athlete, the ball seems to find him. Very athletic for that role.

. . . [Trying to run the ball when Ed Oliver left] I didn’t even know that he left, I’m still seeing Ed Oliver. Just the idea that if we kept pounding, we’d bust one. He’s a tremendous player, he’ll be a top 10 player, and it was a challenge for us.

. . . He’s a tremendous player, he’s really good. I thought our guys hung in there and our guys made some positive plays.

. . . [Status of Jordyn Brooks and Clayton Hatfield] With Brooks, he’s day-to-day, same thing with Hatfield.

. . . [Was there a plan with the kickers] There was, but no longer. I don’t know if it’s a concern, we have two guys and confidence with both, [Michael] Ewton missed a couple that he’s made, [Michael] Barden struck the ball well, we’ll move forward seeing these guys compete. He’s injured currently.

. . . [How the offensive line graded] We’ll keep that in house, I thnk they all graded out decently, some of that is the communication.

. . . [Did the heat affect the players] I think more on the coaches than the players. It was really hot, they battled, I didn’t notice the cramps. It tested them, but I didn’t think it affected us.

. . . [On the defense] I hope so, it’s what you want, it’s a prideful group, they’ve had some tough games and they don’t want to feel that way any more. They’ll be tested this week, theres’ no doubt, one of the top offenses in the country, we’ll find out exactly where we’re out this week.

. . . [On how the defense played the Houston offense] They have a good offensive line and we have a good scheme, I thought we wanted to make them one-dimensional and we did that.

. . . [How many practices Travis Bruffy had] Not many, won’t get into exact number, pretty close to a full week.

. . . [Status of Trevor Walker] Trevor Walker, he’s on the team and we’ll go from there.

. . . [Playing close games] Last year we lost all of those games, winning that turnover battle has been huge, hopefully we gain some confidence from being in those close games late and finding a way to win.

. . . [How the cornerbacks did] I think they did a great job. Demarcus [Fields], Des [Smith], Oct [Octavious Morgan], Jaylon [Lane], they are gaining confidence and doing some nice things.

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