Read // Look // Devour // 2017-09-29


Read // Aaron Franklin smoked a Kosher brisket, allowing two devout Jewish BBQ masters in their own right to finally taste Texas brisket.

Look // I have watched Ken Burns documentaries on WWII, Prohibition, and The Dust Bowl, so I was excited to see what he would do with the Vietnam War. I’ve only made it through the first two episodes, but I’ve already learned much more than I ever knew.

Devour // Devour. Hats off to my buddy Ace for telling me about Dogfish Head’s Indian Brown Dark IPA. Like most of their beers, this tastes like its own thing: bits of coffee, caramel, and a good amount of hops (less than what you’d expect from an IPA).


Read. // What do baseball stats and century-old ax murders have in common? Bill James is the answer… and I will be purchasing the book titled “The Man from the Train” by him. It should be excellent.

Look // Ever since I was younger, I was hooked on the show Seinfeld. Now that I am older, the jokes still make me laugh even more as an adult. Because of that; I have watched Curb Your Enthusiasm religiously since it first aired around the time I began attending Texas Tech. Now the much anticipated return of the hit show is taking place this Sunday evening on HBO since Season 8 ended in 2011. Seriously, this is huge… and I cannot wait!!!

Devour. // While watching the Arizona State game on TV, I snagged some Limited Edition F.U.N. Series 016 Nigel – Barley Wine Ale that was aged in oak barrels by the Karbach Brewery. I am not big on the Karbach Brewery, and think it is just ok usually. Yet, I was blown away with the flavor punch that this had. If you are an experienced beer sipper that wants a strong taste of stout ale with a sharp bittersweet flavor of oak, give this a try. You won’t forget the taste long after finishing the brew.


Read // Harrison Ford is grumpy and awesome. This GQ interview with him makes me appreciate him that much more.

Look // I can’t explain it, but I love mascots. So does Japan. Mondo Mascots is a Twitter account that puts all of the strange Japanese mascots on display, and it’s hilarious. My personal favorite? The cow with a tear in his eye that has all of the cuts of meat drawn on him.

Devour // Speaking of Japan, have y’all ever had Japanese Kit Kats? Kit Kats are huge in Japan (I believe it sounds close to a phrase for “good luck”), and they have wielded flavor technology with EXTREME PREJUDICE. I know there are something over 40 flavors, but I’ve personally had the green tea flavor (awesome) and the baked sweet potato (interesting?). Don’t just take my word for it; listen to world famous Snackologists talk about them on Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, one of the best podcasts ever made.


Read // I’ll probably link to a lot of Outside Online as long as we do this feature and this article Whose Woods These Are is a terrific look at what was a seemingly ordinary and average piece of property that was really much more significant. Sometimes it’s amazing what is in our own backyards and I wonder what a piece of property was 100 or 200 or 300 years ago.

Look // We keep talking about devastating things and there are things all over the world about how there’s just all sorts of disaster but these recent photographs from The Atlantic from Puerto Rico let you know just how devastated our fellow Americans are. That was once a very green island and it is now brown.

Devour // Everyone has an insulated cup and they are great. They are game changers. But a few years ago I bought these Klean Kanteen stainless steel pint cups and they’re great because you can throw them in the dishwasher (you can’t do that with insulated cups, or at least you’re not supposed to) and I can just stick a koozie on it and it works really well in terms of keeping my beverage cold. I’d also add that they’re kid-proof and there hasn’t been anything that my boys have done to break these cups.

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