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 A-J Media’s Don Williams writes that we need to give Texas Tech an A on the Carlen-era uniforms from last week. I’d agree, I think the uniforms ere absolutely terrific, but you’ll still get folks that say “get rid of those white helmets” and personally, I think the uniforms from last week are one of my top 5 uniforms of all-time. They look absolutely amazing, from the red facemask, the two stars on each side of the helmet to the stripes on the pants, the detail was just absolutely on point.

Here’s an endorsement for the JT King era uniforms of the 1960s and Carlen-era outfits of the early 1970s being put into the regular rotation. Who knows, it might even spark much-needed appreciation of Tech’s football history. It’s disappointing how many people seem to think Tech didn’t play football before Mike Leach or, at best, Spike Dykes and Mike Leach.

The 1973 bunch is arguably the program’s most accomplished team. So anything that sparks conversation of that golden era’s a good thing. Incorporating the uniforms is a simple way to facilitate that.

This is a notebooky article from Williams, lots of little things there, so check it out.

 Miscellaneous . . . LandGrant Gauntlet’s Daniel Ross previews Texas Tech vs. Kansas . . . ESPN’s Jake Trotter and Sam Kahn pick this week’s games, including both picking Texas Tech . . . if you’d like a different set of analytics, check out College Football Analytics where they pick every game, including Texas Tech to beat Kansas . . . hey you guys, I don’t know if I forgot this or just didn’t know it, but Bennie Wylie is in Abilene running his own workout facility and he was also recently in Tahoka helping out their football team . . .

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