Read // Look // Devour // 2017-10-27

The staff dives into what they’re into this week.


Read // This is a few weeks old, but I saw this article floating around of a very well thought-out review of Young Sheldon. Look upon the face of death.

Look // The Turnpike Troubadours released their 4th album this past Friday and I’ve been playing it for a week now. You can get it on Amazon for $9, and I can’t recommend it enough. This is one of my favorite bands, and Felker is an excellent storyteller. He even managed to write a song (“Stars of Oklahoma”) that actually makes you want to visit the state. That’s powerful stuff.

Devour // Those Real Ale guys out in Blanco have yet to let me down. I reach for an Oktoberfest every chance I get this time of year, and they have one of my favorites.


Read & Look // I did not read much or look at much besides go to work and cheer along in person for the Astros to win at Game #6 & #7 of the ALCS in Houston. This week, I’ve been glued to the TV after work watching some damn good baseball in the World Series. That Game #2 in LA was one of the best games of baseball I have ever witnessed. GO ‘STROS!!!

Devour // While in Baton Rouge this Tuesday evening before Game #1 came on TV, I stopped at a place that was highly rated called City Pork Brasserie & Bar. It was a nice little trendy joint, with a small inside and long inviting wooden bar. I jumped into an appetizer of pork debris spring rolls. It was a spring roll with asian slaw and tender pulled pork inside. Absolutely wonderful! To keep with my asian food theme of the evening, I ordered the entrée of Char-Siu Pork. To do this properly you cook the pork with spices in a saucepan for a few minutes, then marinate the meat and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before grilling over an open flame. It came out as fall apart pork topped with chinese spices on top of stir fried couscous (with hints of pineapple). All the different flavors on the plate did not hide the pork, it stole the show. A must try if you find yourself in Baton Rouge.


Read // This is from The Atlantic, where the author interviews Dan Buettner who works for National Geographic and searches for the healthiest people and tries to figure out their lessons. He then wrote a book called The Blue Zones of Happiness to attempt to explain why some people are happier than others based on their geography or environment:

Buettner: There are two points that I make that you might not have heard elsewhere. Number one, I like the idea of thinking about happiness in the same way you think of your retirement portfolio. You want it balanced—the short term and long term, stocks and bonds. The hell-bent pursuit of purpose kind of loses the point a little bit, because there is value in the sum of positive emotions we experience every day. So if all you’re doing is pursuing your purpose, or if all you’re doing is very goal-oriented, you forgo joy today for a perceived better future. We now know that humans reliably mis-predict what will make them happy in the future. You could work your butt off, pursue your purpose, become financially independent, and get there and realize “Oh, my life sucks.”

Look // The Atlantic with some spectacular photos of the fall season.

Devour // In part two of my West Coast IPA’s that I tried that I had not tried here was Alpine Beer’s Window’s Up IPA. This is another brewery in the foothills of San Diego and this was yet another really delicious IPA, I think I liked the Green Flash a bit better, from last week, this this was still really good.


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