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The staff weighs in on what they are reading, looking at and devouring.


Read // There are 29 Dairy Queens closing down across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Almost all of them are in smaller rural communities, including my little hometown. As far as the Lubbock area is concerned, DQs in Hobbs, Crosbyton, Denver City, Idalou, Lockney, Post and Seagraves will all be liquidated to satisfy Chapter 11 requirements. A lot of folks are losing their jobs in places where jobs are scarce. The DQ was a special place to us growing up, as I’m sure it was to a lot of you.

Look // We had some good friends over on Friday night who brought some fun board games: King of Tokyo and Catan. My wife and I hadn’t played either game, but we knew Catan has a bit of a cult following. Both games were a blast. The baby was asleep and bourbon was had. I forget how much fun board games can be. We were more of a dominoes family growing up with a little bit of Monopoly mixed in. Our Monopoly game was from the 60s and had duct tape to hold the box together. The money was so old if felt real. I hope Mom still has it somewhere.

Devour // I found out that growlers can be expensive to fill, but worth it. I stopped by Eskimo Hut before kickoff on Saturday and had them fill me up with the Peticolas Sit Down or I’ll Sit You Down IPA. At 10% ABV, they weren’t kidding with that name. This was my first time to try Peticolas, and I was impressed. The IPA wasn’t overly hopped. When your $18 growler fill turns into only 4 pints, it does seem a bit steep. No regrets, though, as it I was able to enjoy half during the Tech game and the other half during the Cowboys game.


Read & Look // To go from a janitor to a World Series Champion is quite a journey. Nothing is impossible, just take a look at Evan Gattis

Devour // While in Seattle over the weekend for the Texans vs Seahawks game, I came across one of the better breakfast places that I have been in some time. On Sunday morning, a few friends and I woke up early and headed to Biscuit Bitch before the game. Yes, that is the real name of the place. Order a cheesy pork n’ bitch and you will not be going home hungry. I was told that to make it even better I needed to add eggs. It takes a while for your order because the line is literally out the door and down the street. But, out comes a monster homemade flaky biscuit covered with gravy, topped with mounds of cheese, with 2 over easy eggs, and all topped with piles of crispy bacon. It was a gut buster, in a very good way. And, you best believe I bought a Biscuit Bitch t-shirt for Maddie while I was there.


Read // Goldblum? Goldblum.

Look // Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in the spirit. I recently was turned onto a podcast called Lore, which is all about folklore and the stories that inspire it. It’s great story-telling

Devour // After a far too long hiatus, I got to spend a week in New Mexico again and ate green chile everything. But guess what: you can drink green chile everything now as well. Noisy Waters Winery has a selection of chile wines, but my favorite was the Besito Caliente, which was a white wine with green chiles steeped in it. For beer, I got to have the Sierra Blanca/Rio Grand Brewing’s Pancho Verde Chile Cerveza. A pleasant amount of heat, but drinks like a light beer.


Read // From Texas Monthly’s James P. McCollom is the story of one of the most dangerous lawmen in a small town, Beeville, Bee County, Texas, which is where my mother grew up.

Information passed from one table to another. Several men claimed to have been at the hospital when Vail came in. One saw nurses try to put him on a stretcher, which he’d refused. “I can walk,” he’d supposedly said. There was speculation that Vail had even driven himself from Pettus, but witnesses said one of the station workers had done it, with Vail in the front seat of the Hudson and Houston Pruett in the back. Pruett had been nicked by a ricochet (either in the back or the butt, depending on whose version of the story it was). Someone said Pruett wanted the stretcher since Vail didn’t, but he was too heavy.

Look // You guys, The Atlantic did it again. Stunning photos of a group of shepherds in Georgia (Europe, not SEC) driving their sheep from the Caucasus Mountains to the plains.

Devour // Do not ever say that I don’t give Houston enough love (I’m a Dallas guy at heart and I’m a fan of the Mavs and Rangers, not so much the Cowboys, I follow them because they’re interesting as heck). I’ve pretty much migrated my daily IPA to the Saint Arnold Art Car IPA and it’s delicious. Supporting Saint Arnold’s supports Houston.


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